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If all goes well we’re looking forward to bringing you this…

The victim of the attack in the video has contacted Guns Save Life with some great news.  No, not the aggressor who perfected unassisted human flight before crashing one final time into terrain.  The news, per Mr. H., the guy who used his firearm in self-defense:  prosecutors ruled the shooting justified.

He’s shared some additional video and a narrative of how things went down, including some tactics that he believes probably saved his life.

Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Housekeeping, test post AND exciting update coming soon…”
  1. Good work John and all involved in the new web site. It has come a long ways from what we had for several years. Jim.

  2. I want to hear INSTRUCTORS’ and LAWYERS’ opinions here about shooting AFTER he ran away. Tennessee v. Garner? Applies to private citizens as well, or so the latest ops say.
    Dead guy was unarmed. The violent assault and battery was terminated. He had clearly expressed his intention of discontinuing the acts of aggression.

    HOW many shots did our hero shoot? The bangs are distorted in the slowed-down version. I heard five for sure.
    I don’t know about this one.
    I would say, fellow concealed carriers, DO NOT use this one as precedent. Chalk this one up to a 2ndAmendment sympathetic prosecutor and THAT ALONE.
    I would NOT keep shooting once the guy’s leaving. Though, I was also proven wrong in the recent chicago 14-year-old-who-shot-his-mom’s-attacker case, wasn’t I? No charges, even though he followed him out onto the sidewalk and continued shooting him. That is execution, not self-defense. If you’re melanin-extra-rich in Chitcago you may get away with it. DOn’t count on it if you’re John-Boch-lily-White, anywhere in the world.
    That all said, I’m glad it is our hero who survived and not the “bully.” He’s been beating up smaller guys his whole life, you know. This time he FAFO’ed.

    1. Oh, and, here’s a message to all you BIG bullies: When the LITTLE GUY you’re picking on is neither backing down, nor backing up, and is not flinching, you may wanna double-think your next acts! Sometimes there’s a reason the lil guy ain’t cowering!

    2. He attempted to disarm him, there is precedent that indicates that automatically means the shooting is justified because anyone who attempts to disarm you is trying to become armed and is in fact legally armed therefore in the attempt, furthermore the assailant attempted to wrest control of a deadly weapon and we both know what this bully is gonna do with it after he does so.

  3. 28 year LEO, 26 as a primary trainer including Use of Force, Force Science Institute graduate. Phil, Ken is correct you are incorrect. The ‘assailant’ had clearly disengaged and was in retreat. As to the attempted disarmament each situation is circumstantially- based, NOTHING in the realm of use-of-force particularly deadly force, is “automatic”. Because a disarmament was ATTEMPTED does not grant carte blanche to light em’ up. Don’t misunderstand me I am not crying foul BUT as Ken said don’t take those two cases as precedent! If you are not familiar with TN vs Garner look at it via Mr Google. While not the standard for civilians one cannot go wrong following the USSC holdings. If you really want to find guidelines for proper use of force in general reference Grahan vs Conner. Get yourself concealed carry insurance. Lawyers are expensive, even in this case where charges were declined you can bet your bottom dollar, Annie, the little guy is going to be personally sued.

  4. Additionally in these circumstances the operative case precedent, as to LEO’s, would be Graham vs Connor. TN vs Garner dealt with fleeing felons. One could an attempted disarming of a POLICE OFFICER makes the guy a fleeing felon. That is thin in the case of LE, non-existent in my opinion in this circumstance. Be very careful about “automatic responses” in the use-of-force realm.

  5. Yeah the guy was fleeing, he was shot in the back repeatedly. Condoning this does nothing for the 2nd amendment. You guys need to be a lot more careful about what you post on your website in favorable manner. This is ammo for the antigun crowd.

  6. Update coming soon? Three weeks since the last post and now nothing? Should I remove the GSL tab from the tab bar?

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