A whole lot of Americans pay big bucks to have Uber Eats deliver food to their home or place of work. Most of the time, the worst thing that typically happens is the food is cold and their wallet is lighter. But sometimes things can take a more ominous turn.

Take, for instance, a woman in Columbus, Ohio who dozed off while waiting for her (late) Uber Eats delivery to arrive. She woke to the sound of her doorknob jiggling and someone trying to force her door open. As it turns out, it was the Uber Eats driver.

Not only did the driver showed up two hours late, he didn’t have any of her food.  Not only that but the order specified that the driver should not knock, just put the food outside the door and leave.

She investigated the situation while armed. That proved to be a wise move, although opening the door was ill-advised.

When she opened the door and the driver saw she was armed, he suddenly found religion when staring down the barrel of a gun.  His apparent attempt to force entry had suddenly gone awry.

She left no doubt that his attempt had ended in failure. Here’s video of the encounter (language NSFW) . . .

The woman called police after the driver left. Meanwhile the driver marked her as “violence” in the system and Uber Eats blocked her account, making it difficult to gain the driver’s information.

Here’s her story from Black Enterprise:

Shar’Daya Hardin, with the handle @DayxMarie, posted a video of what happened when she caught an Uber Eats driver trying to break into her home. She claimed she ordered some food and, after it took almost two hours to be delivered, she fell asleep. Hardin told BLACK ENTERPRISE she thought she was “bugging” when she heard banging on her door. “All my deliveries are ‘no contact’ so I’m used to them leaving it at the door,” Hardin said. “I heard bumping against my door and him on the handle….But I realized he was pushing his body against the door.”

When she woke up, she opened the door and pulled her gun in order to protect herself. The mother of three said the driver started begging her to forgive him. “He instantly started saying ‘I’m sorry please don’t tell on me…sorry sorry sorry.’”

She also noticed he never had any food in hand.

After trying to report the man to Uber Eats, she claimed they blocked her. “I reached out to Uber and the police and Uber Eats instantly locked my account so I couldn’t get his information,” Hardin said. “I asked them for it to make the police report, but she ended the call saying due to the driver stating it was violence she could no longer talk to me.”

Home carry is a thing, folks.  Because when seconds count, police are just minutes away.

2 thoughts on “Uber Eats driver finds religion after trying to enter an armed black woman’s residence”
  1. Is it just me or does he look like a Muslim? Good on the woman! She took the erection right outta that guy.

  2. ONE QUESTION: IF he was delivering food, where was the food?
    That’s an oddball way to spin the story, but clearly a false narrative.
    This woman was about to be rayped or worse.
    Good on her that she stopped it. Way to go, sister!

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