New Lenox, IL Mayor Tim Baldermann castigated Cook County’s prosecutor Kim Foxx in a very public press conference on Monday.  He lamented how the Soros-funded prosecutor doesn’t prosecute, and when she does, she pleads cases down to probation, putting violent criminals back on the street.

No offense mayor, but you might as well as have been urinating into a still breeze.

And if he’s just now figuring this out, then welcome to the party, pal.

Kim Foxx is going to Kim Foxx with George Soros nodding in the background.

The Patch has the Baldermann’s tale of woe.

NEW LENOX, IL — On the heels of an arrest made in a June 20 carjacking, New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann on Monday unleashed frustration with Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, whose approach to crime, he says, continues to lead to it spilling over into neighboring counties.

New Lenox Police Chief Louis Alessandrini Monday announced the arrests of a 19-year-old man and 17-year-old boy in connection with the June 20 armed robbery and carjacking of a 71-year-old Uber driver. The men—both of Chicago—face a slew of charges in the encounter. Timothy Gaines, 19, is being held on $1 million bond.

The arrests followed days of New Lenox police working in coordination with Illinois State Police and Chicago Police, chasing down leads on a stolen Hyundai used as a getaway car in the early-morning crime…

Baldermann lauded the efforts of New Lenox police, before decrying Foxx and the office she holds.

“Our officers being at the scene, and being able to apprehend two of these three offenders was not luck,” Baldermann said. “It’s incredible police work—tracking these leads down, staying up long hours and getting on it, and they did just that.

“There were four of our police officers there … when these offenders were taken into custody,” he said. “That’s four police officers that were not in the village limits of New Lenox protecting our residents, because they had to be out in Chicago once again, looking for criminals that have come from Cook County.”

Baldermann went on to say that in the previous three years, New Lenox has seen one homicide, three vehicular hijackings and one attempted vehicular hijacking.

Each one “involved career criminals from Cook County,” he said…

“If the state’s attorney’s office wasn’t constantly downgrading charges, and accepting pleas to make cases probation-able … if they instead pushed the issue, and held these criminals accountable, we’d have a young man still alive in this community, we would have innocent victims of carjackings, both had two young children under the age of 5 in their cars as guns were brandished in their face…”

Baldermann voiced his discontent about spreading New Lenox resources thin to pursue criminals from and in other areas.

“… I’m getting really tired as the mayor, of having our officers having to leave our borders, going to the same locations over and over again to arrest criminals that should have been in jail in the first place,” he said.

“I’m hoping that we can stop having press conferences like this one of these days. … If they did their job in Cook County, it’s entirely avoidable.”

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  1. Looks like scumbag fox spends all her time in the “beauty shop” trying to glamorize her bone-deep ugly self, too bad she(it) doesn’t spend time fighting crime like more honorable state attorneys do.

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