Maxon and the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club (ASC) are hosting two “Meet the Legal Team” fundraisers to support our fight against the Illinois PICA Gun & Magazine ban.

Meet lead attorney Chuck Michel from the Second Amendment Law Center and Illinois gun law expert Todd Vandermyde for a real time update on the case and a Q&A.

Chuck and Todd will discuss how the oral arguments went during the Thursday hearing.  We’ll also hear from them on when we expect to have an order from the court, and when we should expect to get back to business as usual.

Seats are a $100 tax-deductible donation to the 2nd Amendment Law Center.

THURSDAY, June 29th at Maxon’s in DesPlaines.

FRIDAY, June 30th at Aurora Sportsman’s Club.

3 thoughts on “Meet Chuck Michel, leader of our legal fight against Pritzker’s Gun & Magazine Ban”
  1. Love to ask him about gun registration and the ISRA’s role in negotiating that for us.

    1. Bingo, BINGO! Let’s also remember the “pro-gun” organization that sat down with one of the most anti-2nd Amendment House Reps of all time (Kathleen Willis) to craft the red flag law. They are known as Illinois Carry. We don’t have much to lose in this state for burning some bridges. I say let’s flush the toilet so to say. Boycott IL Carry and ISRA. I’ve watched the General Assembly streamed live in session on several occasions where anti-2A officials like Senator Morrison said, “even the ISRA……” supports “reasonable” and “gun safety” laws. Who needs Mom’s Demand Action when supposed pro-gun organizations are making anti-gun talking points and promoting anti-gun positions for them.

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