Chicago residents are voicing their unhappiness about thousands of dollars in damages to their property from rampaging “takeover” rampages by “little rascals.”  We wrote about this in “DESCENT: Chicago lawlessness grows under ‘Big Brain’ Brandon Johnson; Chicago Police get no love or support from other City Departments.

Guess what folks.  You (or your fellow Chicagoans) voted for a mayor who doesn’t like law-and-order.  Or public safety.  You and your fellow residents are getting what you voted for.  Good and hard.


From NBC5:

Comedian Dominic Rescigno had just finished a show at Annoyance Theater when he tried to get to his parked car in the 900 block of Belmont Avenue.

“I see a riot happening down the street, surrounded by cops that are watching,” he said. “I went up to one of the cops and said ‘my car’s in there’ and he said ‘you’re bleeped,’ and I was.”

He said he couldn’t see his car, but he feared the worst.

“I could see that people were jumping on cars. I couldn’t see my car, but I knew,” he said. “This morning, we walked down at 6:30 a.m., and it was totally destroyed.”

Rescigno said he and his partner bought the car as a Christmas gift to each other. Now, it’s in a shop, with an estimated repair bill of $15,000.

“Everyone’s like ‘you have to call insurance.’ We did, and they’re like ‘you don’t have the package that covers mob insurance,’” he recalled with a sigh. “I thought (it was a joke). I didn’t realize I needed to check the ‘mob’ box.”

Well, now you know, Dominic.  You just got a $15,000 lesson in what voting for a soft-on-crime, anti-gun candidate gets you.

It gets you defenseless and the victim of crime.

It’s nothing personal Dominic.

Here’s the upside for you, Dom.  You’re not alone.  Plenty of other people (including maybe you and your partner) either have or will so get victimized as well.

It’s just part of the big city experience.  Embrace it, buddy.

5 thoughts on “GO FIGURE: Chicago residents unhappy about mobs damaging their property at “Takeover” rampages”
  1. When I lived there years ago I saw “vote blue no matter who” bumper stickers and posters sprinkled throughout the city. That mentality has results. As you see here.

  2. Pretty sure this guy was a Biden voter. Maybe more than once. Even after a $15,000 crime fine, I am guessing he still hasn’t learned.

  3. That’s my old neighborhood. THere are no indigenous blacks in the neighborhood. They were all brought in that night by train. The CTA refused to cooperate with the police to SHUNT the trains past the Belmont stop. Can you imagine? They just fed fuel into the fire, voluntarily!

    Of course, ol’ Dominic there kinda deserves what he gets. He’s undoubtedly one of the denizens of “Boys’ Town” just north and East of that spot (use your imagination, rubes!). They vote as a uniblock, dumbocrat, dumbocrat, dumbocrat. So they gets what they deserves.

    And, again, it is not rayciss to point out the racial makeup of those responsible, just as in the smash-and-grabs on Michigan Avenue, formerly the “Magnificent Mile,” but now the “Murder Mile.” And as GSL’s position oft-stated is, it is black-on-black violence. It is gang violence. IT is not gun violence that plagues chitcago.

    Yeah, if they hit chitcago with the nuke, it’ll do the rest of the world a favor.

    *P.S. I was there on 9/11. I lived on a street of mid- and high-rises. Probably 5000 or more people on the street. ONE AMERICAN FLAG flying from a window. ONE. My buddy Seth’s. Yeah, a nation of ungrateful illegal immigrants and lqbqrsvpt++ ia clowns.

    1. Alphabet people now want our children. They worship the gay mafia flag first and foremost.

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