Mainstream media both locally in Chicago and nationally seemed appalled that a mother would tell her teenage son to get her carry gun out of her car as she was being accosted.  It happened in a working class neighborhood carry-out restaurant in Murder City USA.  What’s more, the 14-year-old son saw his mom taking full-power shots to her head and he shot the son-of-a-female dog attacking his mom like a good kid.  Bravo.

It sounds as though some of the stuff the prosecution initially told the court was…  incorrect.  But boy, it sure fed the mainstream media’s hate towards concealed carry for the little people.

HOW DARE that woman tell her 14-year-old son to get her gun!

And then he shot her attacker because someone egged him on?

The story went national with USA Today headlining the story, “A woman told her teen son to shoot man at a hot dog stand, police say. Both are charged with murder.”

A woman and her 14-year-old son have been criminally charged after authorities say she instructed the teenager to shoot a man at a Chicago hot dog stand.

Carlisha Hood, 35, and her son were arrested in the city Wednesday in connection to the June 18 late-night killing of 32-year-old Jeremy A. Brown, Chicago police said.

Both Hood and her son are facing first-degree murder charges, police told USA TODAY Monday. The teen’s mother is also charged with one felony count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor…

Ironically USA Today breathlessly posted that AFTER prosecutors had dropped the charges.

But it wasn’t just the fake dead tree publications like USA Today.  Local outlets had the similar headlines. Like Fox8News: Mother instructed 14-year-old son to shoot, kill man at hot dog stand, court docs allege.

Police arrested the mom and her son before the video of the incident became public.

And here’s the video…

The woman’s son fired after his mother’s attacker landed three full-power punches to her head. He was rearing back for a fourth punch when the son’s first shot connected, marking the beginning of the end of 32-year-old Jeremy Brown’s attack (and his life).  Good riddance to that bully.

If that had been my mother under attack, he wouldn’t have landed the second blow before I ended it with a promiscuous application of ballistic dissuasion.  If that helped him cross the rainbow bridge, so be it.

I saw the video and thought the incident was ripe for an acquittal by a jury. There was clearly a disparity of force in play between the tough guy who didn’t mind beating women and a mother.  Granted the video doesn’t show the context of the dispute, but she’s not doing anything except talking in the clip.  And what she was saying wasn’t particularly inflammatory.

The only one inflaming the situation was the THUG named Jeremy Brown who took the room temperature challenge with his beat-down of the woman.

On Monday Cook County prosecutors showed uncharacteristic good sense and dropped the charges. From CWB Chicago . . .

Cook County prosecutors have dropped all charges against a Chicago woman and her 14-year-old son, who were accused of first-degree murder last week following an altercation inside a fast-food restaurant.

“Based upon our continued review and in light of emerging evidence, today the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (CCSAO) has moved to dismiss the charges against Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son,” the state’s attorney’s office said in a written statement. “Based upon the facts, evidence, and the law we are unable to meet our burden of proof in the prosecution of these cases.”

The decision came after cellphone video emerged over the weekend, providing a fuller picture of what happened late last Sunday night at Maxwell Street Express, 11656 South Halsted. CWBChicago reported on the new video yesterday.

In the newly-surfaced video, 32-year-old Jeremy Brown is seen yelling, waving his arms, and repeatedly threatening to knock Hood unconscious as she stood at the restaurant’s order window.

No doubt USA Today will be scrambling to revise their story and their narrative. And so it goes.

Kudos for doing a good job for a change as for Cook County Prosecutor.


4 thoughts on “Cook County prosecutors drop murder charges against mom, 14-year-old son after video emerges of attack against mom”
  1. Have to disagree to a point. Heard today that after the son shot the man, the man left the restaurant and the son followed him and finished him off. If any white man had done that, he’d be up for murder without a doubt. There’s no mention of any of that in this article, and it changes things dramatically.

    1. Like Mr. Boch, these days I am reluctant to trust anything except video & science – and the left corrupted much science.

  2. At this point, I’m not sure what I believe outside of what happened in that video.
    Seems like the prosecution either lied at the initial hearing or they conflated who was egging on whom.
    And some reports say mom had a FOID but now CCW.
    Who knows.
    Like others, I’ve seen the video of the mom and kid leaving the place immediately after the shooting. Unless they edited out the “followed him out and finished him off” actions, I’m skeptical.
    We may never know the whole story, but I’m glad mom and kid aren’t getting prosecuted.

  3. Yes, we all got to remember the old saw believe 50% of what you hear , half of what you see and none of what you’re told.

    That will stand us all in good stead. Post- s h t f as well.

    I just read alas babylon again. If you haven’t do so now. Part of the problem of the novel was receiving and believing news of the conflict and rescue. That will trouble us again soon.

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