Here we go again.  You can’t make this stuff up.  An anti-gun community “walk” to show residents that community members “stand together and united” against the mythical “gun violence” in North Charleston, SC fail in epic fashion.  In fact, it didn’t even get off the ground this past weekend as participants began fighting with one another before the “walk” began.  So much for unity against that make-believe creature called “gun violence.”

This at the site of a fatal shooting just days earlier.

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Just before North Charleston community members were set to walk the streets to show they stand together and united against gun violence in the area in a display of unity, a fight broke out.

The ASAFO Community Development Association, Parents Against Gun Violence and 100 Black Men of Charleston called the meeting to address growing gun violence that included a shooting Thursday night that left one dead and three others injured.

The meeting took place at the A-1 Food Store at 4016 Dorchester Road where the shooting took place.


How about a community against GANG violence?

8 thoughts on “GO FIGURE. ‘Anti-Gun Violence’ rally in SC shut down after violence breaks out”
  1. The guy in the middle just throws up his hands. That’s a whole lot of us gun owners when it comes to high crime neighborhoods. Residents there won’t step up to work with police. Yet they want crime to stop. Guess what? You gotta arrest the bad apples instead of protecting them!

  2. And they are all of a certain persuasion, every one of them. Is it something in their blood?

    1. G G, It is something in their rasin’, and the commoonity “morals”, nuttin less..

  3. Shitshow. Like so much in poor areas with a lot of Uncle Sugar playing daddy with welfare checks. Not just the ghetto though.

    1. What would our dearly departed friend Kevin samuels say about all the girls in the video? D*** they all look like grown men who played linebacker for the n f l

    2. Not sure who Kevin Samuels is but black women in America today are by and large pretty goddamn obese. Then again, so are most white women. At least the ones I see at Walmart. It’s like they get out of high school and puff up like a balloon.

  4. Common denominator concept, again, how much longer before this is acknowledged?

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