Ever wonder if Big Brain Brandon Johnson, the new mayor of Chicago, hates the police?  He gave 12-weeks of paid family leave to Chicago public school teachers.  Now, Chicago’s FOP union head wants the same 12-weeks for police officers.  Any bets on Brandon Johnson declining to match what he gave teachers?

From the Sun-Times:

If Mayor Brandon Johnson was willing to give Chicago Public Schools employees 12 weeks of paid parental leave without demanding that it be negotiated at the bargaining table, he should do the same for police officers, according to their union president.

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara [now demands] parity with a Chicago Teachers Union that Johnson once served as a paid organizer.

By the way, there were “only” 4 killed and another 28 wounded this past weekend in Chicago.


3 thoughts on “CHICAGO FOP: We want same 12-weeks paid parental leave given to teachers by Big Brain Brandon Johnson”
  1. Build a wall around the neighborhoods, withdraw the police, leave the citizens to their own devices.

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