Scott Adams, the Dilbert cartoon creator, dropped this on Twitter a couple of days ago.


Or NRA members.


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9 thoughts on “GOOD QUESTION: What percentage of gun crimes are committed by Republicans?”
  1. Infinitesimal. The chance of a gun crime being committed by an NRA member, right-wing type is approx. equal to that of a unicorn buying a winning lottery ticket twice in one day.

    We know who commits gun crimes, and they aren’t about freedom and individual responsibility.

  2. …OR, FOID/CONCEALED CARRY card holders in ILL-Annoy, or those of us raised in 2-parent Christian homes!

  3. Republicans? What does a corrupt political party have to do with being violent. “Gun crimes”, how about crimes? What percentage of crimes are committed by people who are not: fatherless, gender dysphoric, come from a broken family, certifiably nuts, ill educated, gang members, thugs, etc…etc…etc…

    Stop asking stupid questions. Yes, stupid questions exist and are asked frequently.

    1. Referring to the Republican party in this case is really referring to the majority of voters. The majority of Democrat voters hold a Marxist or communist view point. Black Democrats are told daily that whitey be holding em down. Poor black Democrats kill each other and blame it on whitey. Rich black Democrats use whatever power and leverage they have to otherwise harm whitey in other ways, see Ben Crump or Jessie Jackson.

  4. I have been saying and posting the following for years. Caucasian, Trumps supporting, NRA members are not murdering people. When faced with anti gunners, particularly the darker complected version I tell them the following. It is not my guns, it is your sons. That one enrages a large number of people.

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