“This is precisely what a power-hungry egomaniac would say after being told they’re not allowed to violate the rights of peaceable people.”


11 thoughts on “POWER-HUNGRY EGOMANIACS: California State Senator (D-Tyranny) butt hurt over courts blocking gun control”
  1. Stop wasting everyone’s time, Comrade. The 28th Amendment is a non-starter for the same reason altering or repealing the Second Amendment is. 2/3 of both Houses of Congress, and ratification of 3/4 of the states. The Founding Fathers made amending the Constitution deliberately difficult for just this reason.

  2. What a douche. Which makes our wins even more fantastic. I will have another pitcher of schadenfreude when we win again.

  3. Ah, that nasty ole second amendment. And constitution for that matter. Stopping tyrants in their tracks since it’s inception.

  4. Isn’t it already illegal for a “teen-ager” to have or use a “high-capacity rifle” or “deadly hands” (whatever that is) unless supervised by a RESPONSIBLE adult, LEFTIST speak words but they don’t understand the meanings of their blather. Look up “mentally deficient” in the dictionary you will see poor Anthony’s picture.

  5. Us and them; make California a haven for the Communists, depraved pedophiles, gender dysphoric, drug addicts, violent thugs, progressives etc… Take the state, it has all the resources one could want, the fifth largest economy on earth? Take it, enjoy it, in trade I will take a wall with a one way door.

    1. The best part is that in five years or less, the entire place would implode under the weight of 100m deadbeats, communists and deviants. It would serve as a beacon for the benefits of progressive thought everywhere.

  6. California has pretty much everything I don’t want except nice weather in many parts.
    Pretty much everything else sucks.

  7. The idea of states rights is that individual states can implement some ideas within their state, in accordance with the federal constitution. California has pushed this idea to the bleeding edge with it’s stupid ideas. I cant wait to see how the California health care plan crashes…. I too look forward to its implosion under the weight of dumb ideas, Illinois is close behind. I can only ask that the idiots who consent to all this stupidity be required to remain and enjoy the fruits of their choices, rather than pollute other states. But sadly they work like a virus, ruin things and move on to infect someplace else.

  8. California has come a long way thank to liberalism. They’re first in things like high prices, people leaving and shooting sprees.

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