No, Elkin Castillo, 47, wasn’t extra early for church service when Chicago PD found him passed out next to a gun in a church parking lot.  Not on a Tuesday morning. 

Who is Elkin Castillo?  He’s a “habitual” thug who fears nothing and cares little about societal norms and laws.  He was currently out on $5,000 bail after telling a judge he was indigent after his previous armed habitual felon arrest when he was found with this latest gun and earned yet another arrest.  After all, this pillar of the community as convictions for robbery, multiple felony DUIs, even more thefts, and did we mention gun convictions.

He could be a posterboy for the functionally non-existent criminal justice “system” found in Chicago.  But we’ve got an even better candidate that we’ll profile tomorrow.

CWB Chicago has the details of this one-man crime wave:

CHICAGO — A 15-time convicted felon, on bail for a pending Class X armed habitual criminal charge, was found lying next to a gun in a church parking lot near the Kennedy Expressway, prosecutors say. Elkin Castillo, 47, is now charged with another count of Class X armed habitual criminal.

His latest troubles began around 5:51 a.m. Tuesday when Chicago police received a call of a person with a gun outside St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, 1351 West Evergreen. The church is right next to the Kennedy, opposite the Salt Shed.

When officers arrived, they found Castillo unconscious in the church parking lot with a gun lying next to him, prosecutors said this week. The cops secured the loaded 9-millimeter pistol and took Castillo into custody.

Who knows, maybe this time he’ll stick around in custody for a little longer.  He’ll need $50k to get out soon.  But then again, there are plenty of leftist charitable bond organizations that spring mopes like this guy so they can continue to victimize the community.

5 thoughts on “POSTERBOY? 15-time felon, out on bail on *another* gun case, found passed out (drunk?) next to gun: prosecutors”
  1. Sometimes bad guys identify themselves as shitbirds. This is one of those times.

  2. His mother likely says hes a good boy, and wouldnt hurt anyone….. ffs, hes 47, likely a grandfather by now, and hes still doing this crap? And how can mayor Brandon blame someone else for this? Lack of jobs? Dudes like this exist because the system lets them, never punishes their behavior in any meaningful way and sends them on. You cant fix these people.

  3. Prominent throat tats are always big indicators for bad news in my book. Mental, criminal, or just piss poor decision-making.

  4. But, according to JaBa The Putz, I’m a bigger problem for society. Me and my 49 year old AR15. We, my rifle and I, need to be registered, like a sex offender, because we might be, maybe, could be, on a real bad day, considered a threat to the security of the republic. But, Elkin is OK. He’s just poor folk trying to get ahead in a world that’s hateful and biased. A world that has forced him into using “survival tactics” just to keep on living. The poor thing. His life is so hard. But, remember, I’m the real threat to society. The 75 year old with an old rifle.

    1. Imagine the kind of shit these communists would invoke if the population was fully disarmed. They are all the same, the world over, and so are their tactics. History is replete with examples of what happens.

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