Some folks worry about whether or not they can take their copy of America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, to the range to shoot.  That and other “banned” guns under Gov. J. B. Pritzker’s dream gun control legislation that has done nothing (that’s spelled n-o-t-h-i-n-g) to stem the blood loss in Chicagoland.  Well, Virginia, despite rumors to the contrary, yes you can go shoot your semi-auto handguns, shotguns and rifles at your favorite range.

Currently the entire law has been adjudicated as unconstitutional by a Macon County judge.  So, for now at least, you can skip the law’s requirements to transport those standard capacity magazines (handgun mags currently or capable of being readily converted to accept over 15 rounds and over 10 rounds of long-gun magazines) fully pre-loaded and skip the “encased” bovine excrement. 

However, the Illinois Supreme Court has the case under consideration and we expect them to overturn that Macon County ruling.  When that happens, we anticipate the Illinois State Police’s “kinder, gentler” enforcement phase to end and the “time to make some examples of people and businesses” to begin.

Again, the only real change in the law for the law-abiding folks is that magazines should now be transported unloaded and encased.  Put ’em in the case with the gun or in an outer pocket.  Put ’em in a ziplock bag.  Just don’t pre-load them and throw them in your front seat in plain view.  Everything else remains much the same.  

Yes, you’re supposed to only transport them to and from the range where you’re shooting them, so don’t leave them in your trunk for a week.  But if you want to stop by your relatives’ place for a bite to eat or to see Aunt Gertrude, you should be just fine.

Shooting is a perishable skill.  

Go out, and shoot.


Seek out training.  Get better.

Because you never know when you’ll need those skill sets.

5 thoughts on “PICA GUN BAN: Yes, folks, you can still take your gun to & from the range”
  1. Well, that’s mighty nice of them to allow me to exercise a constitutionally protected right. Who should I curtsey to?

    How about taking them over and shooting at a buddy’s house in the country where I have shot at for years? Is that OK too, or would that offend the monarchy?

    FJBP. FJB.

    1. Lol. Just don’t use a picture of a jelly donut as a target. It might be a little too close to a facsimile of Gov. Fatbody. Gosh, can you imagine Jay Robert Pritzker at bootcamp with R. Lee Ermey as his drill instructor?

  2. Let’s keep HB2722 in the front of our minds. Those “pro-2A” Republicans might vote against the “assault weapon” ban and campaign on what is supposed to be your values. HOWEVER, when they get to Springfield they stab you in the back to take more money out of YOUR pocket to hand to the state police. Every.Single.Republican in the House voted for HB2722. So Republicans pretend to support your 2A rights then turn around and empower the ISP to carry out Democrat gun-control policies. The GOP backs the blue, not you. Just see it for what it is. HB2722 is a Uniparty bill. Republicans working with Democrats to harm YOU.

  3. Sadly, the ISP has become the Democrat’s Gestapo. They will claim they’re “just following orders”, much like their predecessors did 80 years ago.

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