Someone tell Big Brain Brandon that business will create jobs in a pro-business environment.  But with rampant crime – including both violent crime and property crime – businesses don’t want to create jobs in Chicago.  In fact, they’re heading for the doors.

Even the big retailers like Walmart (who was the state’s largest employer in 2019):

From Austin Weekly News:

As long as I can remember, there’s always been the underlying feeling within a certain segment of the Black community about boosters, shoplifters and thievery in general. The mindset is that stores/businesses have “Nsurance” and thus the thievery will be covered by it.

Insurance is not some miracle spigot of money that just turns and sends it out to businesses that make claims. Truthfully, insurance is the penny-pinching tightwad who does not like to pay a dime out while greedily taken in dollars. As with everything else in life, there is a limit to how much insurance can and will pay. 

The recent closures of four Walmarts that were underperforming is not the news anybody wants to see — especially the one that was on the South Side at 83rd and Stewart. It was a huge supercenter, which got destroyed during the George Floyd riots. There was literally nothing left within the entire store. Videos that individuals took after the fact, showed complete devastation. 

Walmart promised to reopen the store and they did. I’m sure it took millions to fix it up, and millions more to restock everything. The store reopened and the parking lot was filled. While there were those who came to shop and spend money, there were also those whose intentions were to continue their shoplifting nature. There is a video on YouTube of a woman who stole three televisions from that Walmart. She pushed the cart out to the lot, and was chased by an employee. 

And voters only have themselves to blame.  At least the members of the productive class who haven’t moved out yet.  They elected these politicians who allowed crime to flourish by defunding the police and decriminalizing crime.  Public schools in Chicago aren’t educating the vast majority of students virtually assuring that they won’t be able to get good jobs, have a career and raise a family unless they snag a government job.

Brandon Johnson was at the Chicago Chamber of Commerce event and delivered this gem, begging business owners to create jobs in Chicago:

That’s the best thing you can offer to the people of Chicago.  Not criticism.  Not demonization.  Not a city that is divided over whether or not young people should be seen or heard.  We’re not going to allow the press or the media to dictate who our young people are.  If you don’t live in Chicago and you’re not offering up solutions…  stop talkin’ about us!”

Here’s the thing:  successful business owners will create jobs where they think those jobs will make them more money.  They’ll create jobs where they believe there’s a skilled workforce to fill those slots based upon merit, not skin color or the neighborhood where they live.

And savvy business owners don’t invest in places where their investment (including their workforce) are in danger because of persistent and prolific crime.

What’s more, tourists won’t show up either.  

Crime and chaos downtown and beyond are keeping tourists away from Chicago, and experts say something has to change

CHICAGO (CBS) — Such events as the chaos downtown that led to a deadly shooting right in the middle of Millennium Park have led people to cancel trips, meetings, and events in Chicago because they don’t feel safe.

As CBS 2’s Tara Molina reported Tuesday, hotel, restaurant, and city business operators have been hopeful for a great return this summer – the first summer since 2019 in which COVID-19 restrictions have not limited most options.

But Molina is told crime is keeping some away – and the city can’t afford that.

“The Chicago economy can’t afford for hotels to fail. It can’t afford for tourism to go down,” said Michael Jacobson, president of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association. “So that’s why we need to figure out a solution to this problem.”

Want to fix the problem?  Start arresting bad guys.  From Wirepoints:

Chicago 2022 arrest rates collapse to just 5% – Wirepoints

And then prosecute them.

This guy gets it.


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  1. San Fancisco hotel operator of the SF Hilton and Parc 55 have decided to walk away from a 725 Million dollar investment in those two enormous hotels and eat a loss of 725 million at least. By the time the paperwork settles, these business people will lose near a billion dollars. Billion. Their reasoning? The dysfunction and insanity that is now San Francisco scares away tourists and convention trade. And who is daring/crazy enough to buy it from the bank and try to do what Hilton decided is no longer worthwhile? Portland has hotels that are on the verge of the same thing. When does the first one in Chicago happen? These fools have no understanding that money has feet. Convention planners can easily move the national convention of whatever to Vegas, where theres understanding that watching heroin addicts puke on the sidewalk is bad for business, and not someones fundamental right. Brandon is gonna make Lightfoot look bright by comparison. Like Menken said, “The common people know what they want, and deserve to get it, good and hard.” So eff em…

  2. I once knew a man just like Brandon. He had a case of VD and, just like Brandon, thought if he just didn’t talk about it, it would just go away.

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