Illinois braced pistol owners who attempted to register their braced firearms during the ATF’s “grace period” have a new problem.  F-troop is rejecting all of the applications that didn’t include copies of their FOID cards.


So, folks, read the instructions.  Submit a new paper application within 60 days.  Include a printed copy of your disapproved application to maintain your “tax exempt” status, along with a copy of your Firearms Owners ID Card and frankly, I’d included a printed copy of my C&R license as well.  Submit all that by mail within 60 days. 

Then we’ll figure out what other issue they’ll want us to correct.

3 thoughts on “IL brace owners’ eFORM 1 ‘DISAPPROVAL’ letters coming hot and heavy”
  1. Id wager theres a list of the ones who dont fix and qualify for their SBR status that will result in further ATF contacts/confiscation… and a resulting “we took thousands of SBRs off the street!” political clam to go with it. If you tried to do what they asked, make certain you get it fixed to stay legal.

  2. You dont need a C&R license to possess a shoulder stocked pistol under IL law. ATF is conflating definitions under IL law and IL law of SBR.
    Anyone that gets a form 1 denied for not having a C&R license I’d like to talk to.

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