You probably didn’t pay much attention to this weeks 9-0 decision from the US Supreme Court on the EPA’s “Clean Waters” administrative rulemaking.  You should.  Yes, it’s very legalese, but it’s of monumental importance for us as gun owners.  Especially when it comes to rulemaking like, oh, I dunno, bump stocks, support braces, forced reset triggers, and a host of other products arbitrarily reclassified as prohibited after earlier BATF approvals.

Mark Smith over at Four Boxes Diner has the details in a fairly understandable format.  It’s worth the 20 minutes, folks.  Really.

Yes, I know, these YouTube guys often exercise hyperbole to gain clicks.  But this one is legitimately a big, breaking story that will help our side in the coming months.


3 thoughts on “GEEKDOM, BUT IMPORTANT: SCOTUS 9-0 ruling on EPA ‘Clean Waters’ rule portends great news for gun owners.”
  1. This is extremely powerful analysis from a man who is registered to argue before the Supreme Court. I strongly encourage everyone to give a listen to this.

    1. Pretty sure he’s argued in front of SCOTUS as well. I know they’ve read his work.
      And he may help us in our Illinois challenge to the PICA gun and mag ban.
      Smart guy.

  2. I also recommend listening to this one. It concerns the Bevis/Naperville filing to the Seventh yesterday.

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