You. Can’t. Beat. A. Girl. Who. Shoots.  That simple message was a foreign concept to a belligerent bully who opened her door at a gas station and slugged a female driver at least once.  Stunned, she pulled forward a bit and stopped again. 

When the big bad wolf decided he wanted a second bite at the apple, only this time with his pistol in his hand, she shot him dead right there.  Yes, he got a couple of shots off, but he found delivering accurate fire after soaking up two or three rounds was, well, challenging.

It’s all on video.

Thoughts on whether or not it’s righteous?  Put them in comments.

My vote was that it was very much a gray area.  But on replay with the sound on, I noticed that the aggressor guy had a gun in hand the second time he approached her driver’s side door.  She got lucky shooting him down before he could kill her.

Assuming they locate the woman, good lucky finding a jury of this woman’s peers to convict her of anything besides taking out the trash.

Frankly, this is exactly why everyone should have self-defense legal insurance to get them first-class legal defense in cases like this that aren’t exactly “perfectly righteous.”

I’m a fan of Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.  Mention GSL or John Boch and they’ll knock $25 off your first year’s membership AND treat you like family.  You can use their affiliated attorneys or they’ll send checks to your attorney.  They also cover expert witnesses and all that.

Running a very close second is US Law Shield.  Why second place?  Because you have to use their attorney, Michael Johnson in Illinois.  He’s based in Chicago.  For Chicagoland folks, that’s pretty much a non-issue, but for those south of I-80 it becomes more and more of an issue the further south you go.  If you’re a GSL member, they’ll knock off the initiation fee and give you a couple of extra months on the back end if you sign up for a year’s subscription.  I L-O-V-E their teen protection add-on for minor kids living at home who use force in self-defense.  They call it bully protection.  I call it FAFO if the school tries to refer your kid (or mine) to the criminal justice system over a righteous use of force in self-defense.  

Lastly, hot on the heels of the first two, USCCA is also great.  I refer to them as the “concierge” option in that they cover EVERYTHING (or so it seems) related to a righteous use of force in self-defense.  Why are they #3?  First, they’re pricey for what they offer.  Secondly, they spam the heck out of your email address.  GSL members save 15% on USCCA memberships if you sign up through group sales.  That right there pays for your GSL membership a couple of times over if not more for the premium plans.

FAIR DISCLOSURE:  GSL and yours truly get no kickbacks, commissions or bonuses for these recommendations.  Our endorsements are absolutely not for sale.  Yes, some companies have offered commissions (40% in the case of USCCA) but we instead asked for something to save our members money instead.  

What do I carry?  What works for me might not be the best for you but I have ACLDN.  I carried US Law Shield for about two or three years because of their Red Flag coverage, but I’ve since learned the Land of Lincoln’s Red Flag law is so poorly written that it’s almost never used.  I’ll be back after my kiddos learn Krav Maga in a few years and then have the knowledge, skills and abilities to overcome even much physically larger and stronger bullies that tormented me through my school years – up to and including getting briefly strangled with a metal coat hanger on a school bus.

5 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Man sucker punches woman at gas station. He approaches for seconds and she shoots him DRT [VIDEO]”
  1. Just another day in Mogadishu. Do your best to never put yourself in this situation in the first place. That being said, it is good that this piece of shit will never draw another breath. The world is full of this type now – whose only potential contribution to society is as worm food.

  2. This should be the standard that all criminals learn, If you attack and prey upon others you die. Real simple concept, death from your victim or if you live you rot in prison until you’re so old you can’t hurt anyone. Unfortunately we have liberal filth that coddles criminals and wants unarmed victims. when the liberal parasites become politicians it get’s even worse. Mr. Boch is correct once again……. BE ARMED EVERYWHERE YOU CAN.

  3. Do you think Kim Fox will prosecute? I don’t. Regarding carry insurance, I have all three companies named here. If you have any assets, you and your family members able to defend themselves need carry insurance. My wife does not have a CCL, but she has a .45. Therefore, I added her to one of my policies. Don’t touch her grand kids, or grandma bear will get you.

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