Friday evening we brought good news to gun owners with braced firearms.  There are between 20M and 40M of these firearms owned by members of the braced-gun community.  No doubt some are unaware of the new rulemaking where the BATF has unilaterally decided to reclassify these formerly legal braced guns as “Short Barreled Rifles” and require them to be registered by May 31st.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down temporary injunctive relief protecting the plaintiffs, including the Firearm Policy Coalition and its members from enforcement of the Biden rule-making.

And on Friday evening, I STRONGLY recommended spending the $30 to join FPC to protect you from enforcement against braced gun owners.  Not only for those who didn’t or can’t register their braced guns, but FOR THOSE WHO HAVE submitted applications to register their braced guns.  Why?  Because maybe, for whatever reason, the BATF disapproves your application?  How’s that for a reason.

For $30, you have a very cheap insurance policy that saves you spending $10,000 or more on a criminal defense attorney to fight an arrest by BATF for possession of one of those formerly legal guns.  And if you want to challenge it on Constitutional groups, add at least one zero, probably two to finance that fight.

Join FPC.  They’re a good organization doing God’s work.

You’re foolish not to have a backup plan in case BATF disallows your registration.

6 thoughts on “PROTECT YOURSELF: Join FPC *even if* you’re applied for SBR status for your braced firearm”
  1. This should free up some money and resources the Illinois Unipary is gifting to the Illinois State Police, sometimes referred to as either Brownshirts or storm troopers. They still have that “assault weapon” law to get their Rambo-style entertainment from at your expense. Just remember, those “pro-2A” House Republicans voted in favor of HB2722 with 100% support to give them more of your money to conduct which hunts against YOU. Republicans don’t have your back. They have the ISP’s back but will go to Springfield to stab YOU in the back. Understand that.

  2. I would add that you might also want to consider joining GOA as well, I believe it’s $25. That case is supposedly going to wrap up on Wednesday, and if the judge uses the decision in the FPC case to model his decision, then GOA members could be covered as well.

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