Just as an armed society is a polite society, a disarmed society is an impolite society.  At least when it comes to young toughs who don’t care about the rule of law, others peoples’ property or their safety.  Enter some half-wit sociopath named Mizzy in Great Britain.  He’s a one-man crime wave, making videos of his exploits for views on TikTok. 

Of course, when he walks into people’s homes in Great Britain cops can do nothing.  When he gets into their cars, it’s no big deal.  When he steals from stores along with his buddies, there’s no consequences.  Only when he committed a series of attacks on Orthodox Jews in public did he get a whole 36-hour hold in jail before being released to a hug from grandma.  He acts like a total a-hole to people.  Yet it’s formerly Great Britain where the little people have no right to self-defense.  Or the proper tools for personal defense.

Paul Joseph Watson covered it.  And the “found out” was the 36 whole hours in jail.  Assuming he didn’t have his phone that was probably horrific to “Mizzy.”


Is that the sort of nation where we want to live?

Oh yes, and the comments are priceless…

  • Reinforcing every black stereotype i can think of.
  • Walking into random houses is a great way to become an organ donor.
  • mizzy knows he’s a protected class and knows he can do anything.
  • As soon as he asked those people if they wanted to die, legally it’s a death threat, and self defense becomes eligible.
  • He’s doing a wonderful job with race relations! I’m sure everyone he interacts with will have nothing but positive feelings and trust for every black person they encounter, in the future
  • This is what happens when you take away people’s right to defend themselves…I dare Mizzy to transfer his act over to Florida or Texas and see what happens.
  • What did he find out? He found out that he can do anything he wants and will face ZERO consequences.
  • I’ll pay for a plane ticket for them to come try this prank in rural America. It will be their best video yet.
  • He’s a cowardly bully and he chooses his victims very carefully. Let’s see him try it on an alpha male.




5 thoughts on “A DISARMED SOCIETY IS AN IMPOLITE SOCIETY: Sociopath TikTok ‘influencer’ and his crimes without consequences for views…”
  1. It’s not really ever a world without guns. It’s just a world where only the rulers have guns, and prey upon the weak. Start with any country run by communists, socialists or muslims for examples.

  2. I remember seeing a video out of the UK of a lone young woman getting handcuffed and hauled away for SILENTLY praying in her head in front of an abortion clinic. Meanwhile this Mizzy a**hole runs amok with no consequences. Then again the UK is a woke, civilian disarmament society. BTW if that was my home he walked into I would be helping him with his next tic tok video, let’s call it “Mizzy gets a head full of stitches”.

    1. UK employs thought police these days. You can be arrested and imprisoned simply for voicing an opinion there. Soon, the same will be true here as well unless we stop these communists here now. Don’t expect much help from the younger generations either – they have been force fed woke propaganda from their birth; few have any concept of a free society or the balls to fight for one.

  3. This guy is quite the racial Ambassador for black people. It’s almost like he’s a caricature of what racist think black people are. One thing’s for sure, if he pulled some of those stunts in my presence, he’d have a really bad day

  4. One sad thing in the video is where the a**hole and his buddy walk up to the man and woman on the street and harass them, The thumb sucking cuckold guy runs off leaving his female friend all alone while the s**tbags chase him. He makes no attempt to fight them off.

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