So far at least, Governor Pritzker and the Illinois State Police (ISP) have remained mum about Tom DeVore’s named individual plaintiffs buying and/or selling popular self-defense guns and the magazines that feed them.

It makes sense that if Pritzker and the ISP think that guns purchased during “Freedom Week” are illegal, they will think the same of firearms purchased by those protected by temporary restraining orders. Those orders in attorney Tom DeVore’s cases, enjoin the state from enforcing the gun ban during the term of the order. If and when courts vacate that temporary order, it’s a whole new world.

Not only will those who purchased those guns potentially face prosecution (until and unless the federal courts strike down the gun and magazine ban), but so too will the merchants listed as plaintiffs who sold the guns.

Obviously at GSL we think the entire Firearms Ban Act known as PICA is patently unconstitutional. Furthermore, we believe that we’re all protected for now with the Macon County court striking down the whole act back in March. But assuming the Illinois State Supreme Court reverses the Macon County decision along with the temporary restraining orders, we owe it to our members and fellow gun owners to apprise them of potential problems headed their way.

4 thoughts on “Will ISP claim DeVore plaintiffs’ gun purchases illegal too?”
  1. ISP is not the arbiter of what is and is not legal. The political hack running ISP has delusions of godhood, much like the corpulent c-sucker breaking the springs on the governor’s chair.

    I bought plenty of items as a successful plaintiff under Caulkins. Every distributor (all outside Illinois) was given a copy of the order, reviewed it for legality, and then accepted my orders. I am keeping everything I bought, and ISP can kiss my hairy ass if they think otherwise. If ISP thinks I am registering any of my magazines (utterly pointless since they don’t have serial numbers or any other way to identify them), they can pucker up for round two. I have bought so many mags over the years from so many sources – many no longer in business – that I couldn’t even begin to tell you where they all came from. I sure as hell have no intention of telling ISP anything except to bugger off.

    Go bust some gang-bangers, mall cops.

  2. Keep HB2722 in your mind. It’s the bill that ALL Illinois House Republicans voted FOR. It takes even more money out of your pockets to fund this agency that is there to entrap you and enforce these unconstitutional attacks on US Citizens. The Uniparty backs the blue. NOT YOU!

  3. Injunctive relief is just that. That being said. We are living under the rule of tyrants. Tyrants do what tyrants do. Just as the current regime in the White House. Has ignored laws to the detriment of the country. We owe it to ourselves to decide how we shall proceed. As that 1980’s band Devo said. Are we not men? Think we need some devolution.

  4. I am a Devore plaintiff and I fully expect the same thing will apply to me as those that went shopping on Freedom Week. Same thing basically, court order blocking the law except somehow mine is still in place. I’m sure if the TRO comes to an end Commie The Klown, Gas Bag, and the ISP Gruppenfuhrer will be at the podium threatening people. Tom Devore has said in his latest video to continue to buy all you like and not worry about the non registration bullshit.

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