Congrats Illinois!  We made the headlines at ZeroHedge again.  This time for last Saturday’s “flash mob” of 400 young, primarily black males rampaging through the families at a weekend carnival.  We covered it Monday in Another weekend, another ‘flash mob’… this time in Tinley Park.  Well, the good folks at ZH found lots more videos of the mayhem and posted them.

We’re sharing.  Again, from ZH.

The best way to destroy a once-great American city is to elect progressives who will implement social justice reform. And the result, as we turn our attention to various West Coast cities, Baltimore, and Chicago, is the rapid decline of law and order.

The latest incident of chaos is a “flash mob incident” on Saturday at the Armed Forces Weekend Carnival in Tinley Park, a town located in liberal-controlled Cook County and just outside the crime-ridden city of Chicago…

“It definitely came out of nowhere,” Abby Kaiser said, a bystander who watched the chaos quickly unfold. She said:

 “I saw everybody running away from it and I just didn’t know what to do.”

Isabel Bedolla, another bystander, said, “There were a bunch of guys in ski masks and there was a ton and we saw them around and then all of a sudden people started running.”

“I got all my friends, and we ran towards the library, and we were trying to call all our parents and get them to pick us up, because we were all, like, really scared,” Bedolla said.

Like most CCW holders, I hope to never find myself in the middle of one of these “flash mobs.”  Because I’m not taking a life-threatening beatdown from a mob of feral teenagers and you’re not gonna hurt my wife or kids either.  Not today, boys and girls.  Not before I expend about 59 rounds (46 rounds primary and 12+1 backup) on them. 

And if that fails, there’s always the karambit.  The ones sliced open with that will wish they’d been shot.

It’ll be a bloody mess before I go down.  I hope my fellow CCW holders feel the same about things.

15 thoughts on “TINLEY PARK ‘flash mob’ makes headlines at ZeroHedge [MORE VIDEOS]”
  1. Last time I saw images like that, I was at the zoo, and they were behind bars.
    Kind of appropriate.

  2. Like a pack of feral dogs. And should be handled as such. This breakdown of society. Brought to you by the current regime. And they want to disarm us. Methinks not!

  3. “Just” a beat down is not a certainty. Submitting for a “beat down” opens you to live changing injuries IF you survive. The older you are, the more medical issues you’re dealing with, the more “disparity of force” comes into play and the more your life is at risk. Kicking and stomping someone when down is pretty standard with such crowds, if you follow them you’ll see example after example. Imagine the brain bleeds and other issues you’d be submitting to. Nope, not for me. I would see this as an severe unequal disparity of force with the likely outcome that I would die or end up surviving as a vegetable. Nope, not for me, not something I want to put on my family. I would use every bit of resistance available to me. And if 4-5 downed individuals in front of me, and they kept coming, what more do you need. A situation like this turns into a biting, clawing, unfortunate attempt at survival that is not in any way of my own doing. I’d do what I have to do, what I’d in no way want, but my survival and especially my families survival comes first. Make no mistake, this isn’t a school yard beat down. This is life and death and you’d best deal with that thought before you arm up and leave your home.

    1. Steve W. said it better than I could. There’s no way I am going to let these thugs get a swing in on me without at least one freedom pill. No way, no how.

  4. Don’t forget, the “rules” (aka: laws) for concealed carry does not allow carrying at festivals, fairs, etc. where large gatherings occur. Best to avoid going to these types of gatherings altogether. Where you need personal protection most such as “gun-free zones”, your personal protection is not allowed.

    1. … welcome to the fascist state of ILL-Annoy where the feral thug criminal element of society carry illegal weapons with “auto-Glock” high capacity magazines and the “mindset” to destroy other’s lives just because they are having a bad life.

    2. I avoid those situations like the plague. Don’t like crowds anyway. Illinois pretty much crippled concealed carry anyway with their little no-gun stickers you see in almost every business. I won’t say that I have ever ignored that little sticker…

    3. DILLIGAF about those damn signs? But then again, unless I go for the benefit of my grandkids, you’re not going to catch me at a county fair or a street carnival. Too much white trash and similar types of all backgrounds. If I want to see people missing half their teeth and plenty more looking for trouble, I’ll watch youtube videos. If I’m there I’m armed because I take my job of protecting my family seriously.

    4. You are right that concealed carry in such environments is illegal and like you I try to avoid putting myself or my family in the lions den. However, keep in mind that carrying illegally DOES NOT negate your right to self-defense. In such an unfortunate situation carrying illegally would be a separate and hopefully only charge. If my teenager was in that mess I might choose to go in concealed to safely retrieve them and they’d face my wrath afterwards because they know better. But if I made that choice and it resulted in my having to defend myself, I’m more than willing to face a first time offenders charge of a misdemeanor and whatever the associated fine might be.

      We have to always keep in mind that despite the laws which have been imposed on us, when your life is truly and irretractablely put in danger the “better” decision might mean you break a minor law.

  5. Good call on the Karambit. Carry one myself. Great for opening up a perp from stem to stern in one quick pass.

    1. …And unless you amputate fingers, it’s really difficult to take one away from someone, unlike a more traditional blade that is open to joint manipulation, striking or leveraging. A day of karambit training from Steve Tarani years ago was priceless. I figure I’m good for at least two or three bad guys with a karambit. More if I can stack them.

    2. I’m liking the retention ability of the Karambit. I’ve seen them of course but never really thought about it because I’ve always carried a Spyderco Civilian ( Google up a pic or a video ). I figured great for one on one but now I’m thinking about retention / finger hole for a mob attack and possibly taking hits from all around or while running / grappling with multiple POS, etc. I think I’ll get one and carry it too just like a back up firearm a knife for whatever occasion is good as well. And Thanks !!!!!!

  6. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of years make! A couple of years ago, you would have been criticizing me for pointing out the obvious, which is obvious here even without using that infamous word that is so evil it shan’t be spaked!!
    It’s nice to see that some of you fellows are coming to your senses!
    Now on another note to those of you who are talking tough about using your guns in such instances, make sure you have concealed carry insurance. I speak from experience. when you don’t it becomes very expensive when the mob lies about you and outnumbers you as well.
    It’s much preferable to spend 50 bucks a month now than to have to cough up fifteen to twenty five thousand dollars later.

  7. It’s just a matter of time until a flash mob collides with somebody with a gun. A good guy with the gun protecting his family. Stack them up like cordwood

    1. I was thinking the same thing and that legally armed defender will get charged while the attackers ( that live ) will get a ticket. This will keep happening because there are no consequences.

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