Here’s what Brandon inherits as Mayor.  So what was effectively his first act as Mayor?  Was it to appoint a tough-on-crime police chief?  Was it to announce hiring more cops or cracking down on gangs that drive violence on Chicago’s streets with impunity?


He signed “executive orders” to establish not one, but three “assistant mayor” positions.

You can read about it over at The Center Square, along with the flowery prose that accompanied the announcement.  Basically, one “assistant mayor” will coordinate the illegal aliens flooding the city to ensure their needs are met.  Helping American citizens and veterans?  Eh, they can wait.

Another “assistant mayor” will handle “labor relations” including the city’s hiring of a bunch of young people.  Because government does it better than private enterprise.  But when you drive private businesses out of Chicago, you’re left with lawn mowing and other entry-level summer jobs for young people the city.

And lastly “community safety.”  That one’s job description?  On, no, it’s not arresting and incarcerating bad actors.  Oh heck no.  It’s “eradicating the root causes of crime and violence” (no mention the lack of nuclear families and fathers raising their kids).  It continues with this:  to “advance a comprehensive, healing-centered approach to community safety.”  “Healing-centered?”  That’s poppycock for “restorative justice.”

Meanwhile this is what’s happening in the streets.

Hats off to the target of the hit pulling off some Matrix-like moves….  or maybe trying to impress them with his break-dancing skills before his killers put the brakes on this dancing.  He goes down three times and pops back up before going down for the room temperature challenge.

Pity the poor guy in a wheelchair trying to scoot away from the mayhem behind him with great haste.

Look for more of this brazen gang violence in the coming weeks and months.

Remember, ladies and gents:  It’s NOT “gun violence.”  It’s GANG VIOLENCE.  No about of deputy mayors or government hiring will fix the violence problem until the gangs are broken, kids are educated and family life is restored.  And right now, Brandon’s got his hands full.

Meanwhile you can help Brandon Johnson buy buying some “Let’s go Brandon” stickers and posting them around Chicago and the suburbs.  You can get a 10-pack from AliExpress for like $1.17.  Why that’s about the cost of a round of good hollow-point ammunition!

7 thoughts on “LET’S GO BRANDON! Welcome to Chicago… Gang hit in broad daylight [VIDEO]”
  1. Enjoy the free-fire zone, Shitcago. It’s what you voted for. Couldn’t care less what happens in Mogadishu on the Lake. You can have all the scumbags you send to the General Assembly back, along with your fat governor and piece of shit AG, too. F*** Chicago.

    1. You said it perfectly and this is just the beginning of the new Chicago !!!! Wait until summer is in full swing.

  2. He doesn’t have his hands full, he’s got his pants full, because he’s full of it.

  3. The so-called Wild West was downright bucolic compared to Chitcago.

    And yes, fuck em. They voted for this.

  4. As others have called it before,
    Its a self cleaning oven.
    They voted for this, dont want no mayor thats not looking exactly like them, no sir.
    Im sure that Mayor Brandon will find a way to blame someone else, and little more.
    Worse is better. Let them destroy themselves.

  5. I just found some Let’s Go Brandon stickers in my coat. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to Chicago paste them all over. I love the self cleaning oven comment! So true.

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