Tuesday, May 16th is one day we’ve all been waiting for.  The Illinois Supreme Court will hear Kwame Raoul’s appeal of the Caulkins case where a Macon County Circuit Court judge struck down JB Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban law.

The LiveStream starts at 9am for the first case, and then after a short break, they’ll have oral arguments for the Caulkins case.  I’d expect it to go on around 10:30am but that’s subject to change.

Here’s the docket page from the Illinois Supreme Court.

Included on that is the live-stream link from “Blue Room Stream.”  You will not be able to watch the video without paying for a subscription after the live stream is over.

Given the importance of this case, there will be no further posting of stories until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest.

8 thoughts on “Illinois Supreme Court hears Caulkins Gun Ban Case Tuesday morning, May 16th – WATCH IT LIVE”
  1. I am sure the case has already been decided in favor of JB Puffenstuff. He didn’t spend two million dollars on two judges without being assured of the outcome.

  2. Not feeling real good about this one. Will paid off judge Elizabeth Rochford be wearing her “Moms” Demand action t shirt under her robe today ? Will the other bought and paid for judge be trying to keep JB the bloated gas bag happy just in case enough idiots vote him into the White House she can get a SCOTUS gig ? Hopefully we get a fair hearing at least. BTW I will be the first one to retract my comments and apologize if they do the right thing.

    1. JB the Hutt still needs to trot out reparations if he expects to win over Gov. Hairgel in California. Gov. Fatwad has about all the charisma of an impacted wisdom tooth otherwise.

      Should the ISC do the right thing unexpectedly, I still will not apologize for my skepticism towards the various judiciaries, given the endless parade of ridiculous rulings that have come down here lately over this garbage law. I expect nothing less than another whitewash of the facts by this court which is stuffed with five Constitution hating shills. Consolidation of all the cases under one seal in the Northern District was just the latest attempt by a bunch of leftists to run out the clock on registration before SCOTUS acts – should they choose to at all. I notice that after much ballyhoo and hype, we heard not a peep yesterday from ACB on the subject of Comrade Easterbrook and his robed clown show.

      I see no possibility that SCOTUS can let these egregious acts stand in the face of the Bruen decision last year – yet here we are. We have everything on our side – law, precedent and the US Constitution itself, yet we are losing our collective asses here. The GA piles on bad law after bad law at warp speed, and still SCOTUS remains silent while their own landmark ruling is ignored completely. It is as if they do not understand how important the case is here, and why registration MUST not be allowed to go into effect. ISP cannot be trusted, nor can this government. The time for ‘shots across the bow’ is over. SCOTUS must make in the strongest, most unambiguous statement possible that meddling with 2A in any way will not be tolerated, post-Bruen. Short of that, their ruling means nothing at all.

  3. If anyone didn’t know it before. We for some time. Have not had a representative government. We are living under tyranny. Our so called leaders. No longer care about the people. They only seek to control every aspect of our lives. Any challenge to that control. Is met with the convoluted logic. That they know what is best for us. And that free choice is but a myth.

  4. Anyone know what happened at the ISC today yet? Did Kwame show up with a bag of cash in hand, or did they at least try to conceal their argument with legalese? The way things are these days, I would be surprised if they even went through the formality.

  5. This will go right to SCOTUS and will be another loss for Gov JellyBean! The 2 judges in ? should’ve recused themselves, and they didn’t; so they will get this will be another ruling against this unconstitutional law! JB may have a very hard time getting elected next time around!

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