John Kass, recovering from heart surgery and a stroke, took time out to write a wonderful piece on the death of Chicago Police Officer Areanah Preston.  Her death isn’t the first of an innocent, productive person killed by brazen feral bad guys who commit violent crime without fear of apprehension, prosecution or incarceration.  Welcome to soft-on-crime policies.  However, given the elections this spring, it looks like Chicago residents want more of the same as they continue to vote for politicians who promise more of these failed policies that earned Chicago its modern-day moniker of Murder City USA.

Chicago PD Officer Areanah Preston.  Killed by thugs looking for money for a barbeque.

Here’s John Kass’ piece.  It’s very much worth reading in its entirety, but here’s a taste:

The CTU elected Brandon Johnson as mayor even though Johnson advocated defunding the police during this latest violent crime wave. The left wing public employees unions, the CTU and the Service Employees International Union now run the show. They control the city’s politics with their iron progressive fists.

And Chicago’s kids are set up for failure–crime, violence and prison.

But Chicago did raise four young men who allegedly murdered 24 year old Chicago Police officer Aréanah Preston. She was gunned down outside her Southside home as the four teenagers were on a robbery spree targeting women. 

You might say Chicago and those four teens– with serious and violent criminal records who should have been locked up and kept behind jail bars– gave Preston’s mom a Mother’s Day she will never forget. The killers left a hole that can never be filled. They took everything from that mom.

If only they’d been locked up on other numerous charges for other numerous violent acts, they had been charged with,  Officer Preston would be alive. And her family would not be weeping on Mother’s Day. But Democrat Party politics in Chicago is all about protecting the feelings of the predators, not the lives of victims.

It was the thugs who pulled the trigger. They are alleged to have committed the crime. But her death was a direct result of the permissive politics that promotes the wanton lawlessness that leftist billionaire George Soros has wanted in urban areas when he began running hard left no-prosecution prosecutors across the country. It is this wanton lawlessness that I’ve been trying to warn you about for years.

It is cruel to say, but Officer Preston’s murder is more than cruel. They gunned her down because she was in the way of their work. They had jobs to do. And that job tore the city’s guts out.

Their work? It wasn’t about flipping burgers, stocking shelves, or working exhausted in a warehouse, getting up early to get to work, but it was work. It was about roving the streets of Chicago with guns. Pointing them in people’s faces, and taking what they wanted by force. Like the Outfit animals of years ago, they’d sleep late and then take what they wanted from their own people by force.

Who trained them? Who encouraged them to grow wild and feral and murderous?

You could say the Chicago Democratic Party trained them. The Democratic Party nationally broke Black families apart by replacing fathers with government welfare checks. And recently, as Soros prosecutors took hold here and in other jurisdictions,  mass shoplifting without serious punishment was not only allowed but encouraged by Cook County State’s Atty. Kim Foxx and others.

And the predators understood what the politicians had given them: license to hunt.


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  1. Only issue with this is that it’s the Democrat Party. The Democratic Party isn’t.

  2. Look at that soulless piece of filth on the left, especially. This is what legal gun-owners are paying the price for, so that pieces of shit like JB Fatbody, his box-checking toady Kwame, and the judges they purchase can further their political aspirations on our backs.

  3. We should bring back public executions and hard labor. Not necessarily in that order.

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