Some people are voted most likely to succeed in high school.  Others can’t read the instructions on a tin of breath mints.  That would be James Pierce who thought he was going to assassinate a pair of deputies from Charleston County, South Carolina.  The 28-year-old Pierce must have thought a couple of hillbilly sheriff’s deputies were gonna be a pushover.

Well, James Pierce thought wrong.

The shoot-out captured on a dash cam looked like something Hollywood would put together.  Those deputies were executing Matrix-style moves with aplomb.  Mega kudos, gents.  Hollywood could take lessons.

Pierce actually thought he was going to shoot his way out of custody.  At least until the deputy who he had shot three times circled back around (to quote a famous White House press secretary) and put a jacketed hollow-point right smack dab into Pierce’s brain housing group. 

While Mr. Pierce’s grape might have been mostly empty of knowledge, wisdom and decency, the round did it’s job. 

At this point, leaking blood and grey matter, James took a relaxing nap.  Viewers watching the dashcam of the incident can watch the tension leave his body.  Along with his soul – if he had one.

Slacker. Quitters never win. James Pierce quits a gunfight to take a nap. An asphalt nap.

Meanwhile, his “boo” scurried out of the car with bullets whizzing by her ample frame, holding her cigarette. 

I can’t tell if she didn’t drop that smoke because it was expensive or because she loved her nicotine.  Oh well.  Somehow she escaped uninjured.

Here’s the video.  You’ll need to log into YouTube to see it.

Trust me, it’s worth it.  Not safe for work though.

Thank heavens for those deputies and their courage under fire.  The residents of Charleston County, SC are fortunate to have such steely men standing between them and menaces to society like the homicidal James Pierce.

From the YouTube video description.

North Charleston, South Carolina — On May 7, 2023, Deputy Evan Cubbage from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle shortly before 3:45 p.m. at 4915 Savannah Highway near Ravenel. The 36-year-old, deputy Cubbage, with more then three years on the force called for backup after a “brief interaction” with the driver and the passenger, identified as 28-year-old James Pierce. The sheriff’s office described the stop as “cordial, up until this point,” when Pierce became “squirrelly”. A second deputy, identified as Alexander Hodge, arrived a short time later to provide backup. Deputy Cubbage stood by the passenger side door, which Pierce had opened because the windows were tinted and the deputy couldn’t see inside. Deputy Cubbage appears to grab the Pierce’s hands and tells him not to reach for anything as he is getting out to of the car. “He’s got a gun,” the deputy called. During the encounter, Pierce opened fire on the deputies, and deputy Cubbage was struck. The deputies returned fire, hitting Pierce, who died at the scene. Pierce was armed with a Glock .40-caliber handgun; the deputies fired their 9 mm service pistol. Deputy Cubbage was shot three times. He was released from the hospital after getting treatment for serious but non-life threatening injuries later that night. Deputy Hodge was not injured. After the shooting, deputies detained the woman driver, who has not been identified. It is unclear if she faces any charges. Per protocol, the deputies involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave.

12 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Raw dashcam footage shows deputy shot three times before successfully anchoring his would-be killer [GRAPHIC VIDEO]”
  1. Signing in to YouTube was a pain in the ass but the juice was definitely worth the squeeze. Awesome awesome video. Awesome headshot to end the festivities. Good riddance to that thug.

  2. The look on the white trash chick’s face was absolutely priceless. And she didn’t give up that cigarette the whole time.

  3. She probably thought hanging around the Bad Boys was a lot of fun. Well it was exciting on this day! I bet her daddy is so proud. And so is Mr Pierce’s daddy.

  4. Absolutely good shoot.

    Great use of concealment, smart thinking of engaging through the windshield while not hitting the female, and great use of movement going around the bad guy and reengaging from the rear/flank. Bad guy had no clue he was even there.

    1. Gloriously righteous, yes. Magnificent tactics, even though the could have dialed back the volume of fire in exchange for better shot control and placement. But it was an “oh shucks” moment. “Bad guy had no clue he was even there.” Yup.
      Always be moving. Always be working.
      Thank heavens he had a backup officer!

  5. Laying there shooting at absolutely nothing right before he gets it in the grape. That’s too funny.
    She just about backed right into traffic. Too bad, it might have been 2 for 1.
    They should have just shoved him into the ditch with the rest of the trash.

  6. What gun grabbing sheep are to braindead to realize is that there are people who would try to kill armed and trained cops, sometimes more than one at a time. If these animals are crazy / stupid / desperate enough to risk getting killed doing that imagine what they’ll do to the average half asleep person. The “moms” and other frauds enable these animals by wanting us disarmed.

    1. Exactly right, Bill. These home-invaders show up three or four strong now, and fighting them off with a baseball bat isn’t going to cut it. While the pathetic ‘why do you need an AR-15’ types poo-pooh the modern sporting rifle, sometimes you may just need that level of firepower to deal with an increasingly hostile society.

      Gun control has NOTHING to do with guns. It has EVERYTHING to do with control.

  7. The world is just a little bit brighter after this parasite got clipped. I hope this serves as an object lesson to the piece of human garbage he hooked up with about getting involved with scumbags.

  8. Great video. Brave cops and brain dead perp. The taxpayer relief shot was very satisfying as we got to watch the bad guy’s scrambled brains leaking out. I watched it at least five time!

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