Don’t let Democratic criminal justice ‘reform’ turn your neighborhood into this…

NSFW language…  and, of course, violence.

There are lessons to be learned here, specifically in pre-violence indicators in the body language of participants.  See how many you can count before the gunfire breaks out…  (Then again, I’m watching it on a 42″ monitor so maybe that helps…  Spoiler alert:  there are a lot.)

Should you ever find yourself witnessing something like this, from near or afar, it’s time to get yourself behind cover, not stand in a window taking video.

7 thoughts on “Don’t let criminal justice ‘reform’ turn your neighborhood into this… [VIDEO]”
  1. Just one thing- it’s not Democratic criminal justice reform.
    It’s Democrat criminal justice reform.
    The Democratic Party isn’t.

    1. A-la Chris Plante:, the “democRATic party” isn’t (“‘democratic”), “friendly fire” isn’t (“friendly”), I REFUSE to capitolize “democRAT-iKKK” they are long past getting “respect” from me! kudos to you G G!

  2. This is what JB Puffenstuff and his band of colossal idiots are turning Illinois into – one gaping pesthole of Chicago style filth. Just as FJB is inflicting upon America.

    Democraps are a criminal enterprise and our most hated enemies of America all rolled into one. If you still vote Democrat, you are either a traitor to America, or a whopping moron too stupid to be allowed near the voting booth. Republicans are bad enough with their go-along-to-get-along bullshit, but Democrats are pure evil. They have no redemptive values whatsoever.

    In short, Democrats are disease.

  3. That video is exactly when everyone needs an AR- and lots of pre-loaded 30-round magazines to protect their homes and families from feral bad people. I don’t give a damn that they don’t have daddies or their mommies didn’t shower them with enough love and affection. They shoot at one another like it’s a goddamn video game. But I suppose the locals there voted for these shithead politicians who “lead” the city.

  4. Of course every firearm used has a valid 4473 on file which documents the waiting period was observed….

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