Crime without consequences.  That’s Chicago and that’s why it’s become the nation’s largest open-air shooting range.  With police “clearing” just 3.6% of non-fatal shootings, bad guys know they can shoot people and not even worry about it.  The good news, if you can call it that, is that CPD is currently clearly 31% of recent homicides, which is about twice where they were at a couple of years ago.

Listen to what this guy says as he walks into the aftermath of a rolling gun battle between occupants of two vehicles.  They wounded three innocent bystanders and this is the scene minutes after it happened, before medical personnel have arrived.  Cops are there though.


By the way, this is the “nice” part of Chicago, folks.  Or what used to pass for safe and decent.  There’s no safe places in Chicago now.

From CWB Chicago:  

CHICAGO — New video shows the unsettling scene along Hubbard Street moments after a gunfight between the occupants of two vehicles left three bystanders injured in the River North nightlife district early Sunday. Chicago police have released little information about the shooting, but they do not believe the victims were the intended targets.

A witness told CWBChicago that they believed the gunfire came from two tow trucks that quickly sped from the area. The shooting unfolded at 2:54 a.m., just as the Hubbard Street clubs were closing for the night, sending crowds onto the sidewalks…

“People feel it’s OK to shoot anyone,” the business owner said Sunday night. “No one is afraid to use a gun. No consequences.”

It is, in fact, quite rare for someone to face consequences for shooting another person in Chicago.

The city’s data portal shows police filed 2,603 non-fatal shooting cases between January 1, 2022, and May 6 this year. But only 96 cases indicate an arrest has been made. That’s 3.7%. 

CPD logged 887 murder cases during the same period with 275 arrests, a 31% success rate.

No consequences.  There you have it.

Welcome to Chicago.  Come for the food, stay because you got shot.

8 thoughts on “Chicago Police solve just 3.7% of non-fatal shootings”
  1. The only things that can save Illinois:

    1) Chicago slides into Lake Michigan, never to be seen again.
    2) Chicago is engulfed in the New Great Chicago Fire, and is reduced to ashes.
    3) Chicago is nuked to ashes by China, Russia or North Korea.
    4) All remaining businesses leave Chicago, rendering it as powerless as Detroit in influencing state politics.

    Any Illinois that contains Chicago is doomed to become Chicago.

    1. 5) A complete and total ban on any Chicago resident running for statewide office, or voting for any statewide candidate. Voting for a Bernie Sanders endorsee has demonstrated that Chicagoites are simply too stupid to be allowed to participate in politics.

    2. 6) If the EBT cards go down, much of Chicago will last about a week before homicides spike up to levels not seen since the D-Day invasion.

    3. Have to take issue with #4. Just because businesses would leave would not make it powerless. All the Democrap fools would still be there and would still be voting-for the same leftists they currently vote for.
      Might have to disagree with #3 as well. Yes, it would be great if it were nuked, be we’d be likely to get the fallout.

  2. 3.7%? Jesus H. Christ. Three people shot as bystanders as two tow trucks drove by shooting at one another (Glock Switches?). The city slickers love to say how dangerous the Wild West was way back in the 1800s, citing that well worn misconception that the “Wild West” was violent. Gunslingers in the roughest towns back then have nothing on modern day Chicago. What a fetid shithole.

  3. And those numbers are just what they clear. When you look at what actually gets prosecuted (or more precisely what doesn’t get prosecuted), it’s abysmal.

  4. Less than 4%? WTF? With odds like that I would opt for street justice for offenders. Maybe I should buy a hog farm just outside the city. Who was the guy from Pulp Fiction that solves problems? That’s what I will name the farm. Help get those homocide clearance numbers down to singke digits too.

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