Joe Biden loves to say “who needs a 30-round magazine.”

How about two examples.

Any questions?

4 thoughts on “TWO EXAMPLES: Who needs 30-round magazines?”
  1. Show me the word ‘need’ in the Second Amendment, Comrade Potato Head. I’ll wait.

  2. History show again and again that totalitarian regimes ALWAYS go after the guns first and then the real bad things start to happen. Anyone who doesn’t see this despite all the former examples is an idiot. As far as the “nobody needs a 30 rd magazine” or “nobody needs an AR15 ” I always answer with….. “And Rosa Parks didn’t need to sit at the front of the bus” or “Which of YOUR other Constitutional rights do you feel gives you too much freedom ? ” Shuts stupid mouths every time.

    1. Thought of another good reply if some stooge says ” nobody needs a 30 rd. magazine” a great time to reply with ” Ya know maybe you’re right, why get a 30 rd when I can get a 100rd. drum ?”

  3. Those boys wouldn’t have been lynched if they had been armed. And race hustlers today like to pretend racism is the same now as a hundred years ago. Far from it. Today’s racists just help nurture black on black crime. It is sad that for many blacks they eschew fathers, education and work. They instead gravitate to single moms and gang banging.

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