Police at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana arrested two gang members for attacking a pair of U of I students on campus Saturday night.  The thugs, part of a larger group of gang members, threatened a coed, and then seriously beat a male student coming to her aid.  Before they left the couple, two of their attackers flashed guns at their victims as a warning not to follow them.

Cops caught up with the offenders and made arrests.  Kayveon A. Watkins, 20 got a free trip to jail and his 15-year-old buddy got a ride to juvenile detention where he was almost certainly released almost immediately to his mom.  If past performance is any indicator, she was probably more upset with her kid for making her come pick him up at juvy than she was for him carrying a gun and beating UI students.

Folks, carry your gun everywhere you can.  Chicago style gang violence has taken hold in cities across our state.  If you think it’s safe on the campus of the state’s flagship university, you’re imprudent at best and possibly even foolishly naïve.  

Hopefully the victims of this attack will be okay physically and eventually mentally as well.



CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — University of Illinois Police said two people were arrested, a 20-year-old and a 15-year-old, after officials said they attacked two U of I students and displayed a handgun Sunday on campus.

In their released a statement, the University of Illinois Division of Public Safety said that a man jumped out at a female student and invaded her personal space in Campustown on the 300 block of E. Green Street in Champaign around 12:15 a.m. Police said when her male friend attempted to intervene, several people in a group began punching and kicking him. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

University Police issued an Illini-Alert emergency notification to all students, faculty, and staff about the situation. Police said the alert referenced “mob action,” which they said is defined in Illinois criminal law as two or more people engaging in violence.

Police said during the attack, a man lifted his shirt and displayed a handgun in his waistband. That’s when officials said the attacking group left the area.

Officers quickly found a car occupied by several people, two of whom matched clothing descriptions provided by witnesses. Police stopped the vehicle in the 200 block of E. Green Street and detained them.

Kayveon A. Watkins, 20, of Champaign, was identified as one of the people involved in the attack and told police that he had a gun in his pants. Officers recovered a loaded handgun with an extended magazine.

Police said Watkins was arrested for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated battery, and mob action.

When searching the vehicle, police found a second loaded handgun on the floor in the backseat, and officers learned that it belonged to a 15-year-old who was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

Maintain your situational awareness.  Avoid sketchy looking people, especially those loitering or moving without a sense of purpose.  Don’t be intoxicated in public which tends to become a magnet for trouble.  Lastly, carry your self-defense tools along with some self-defense insurance.


4 thoughts on “CARRY EVERYWHERE! Chicago-style violence at IL’s flagship university”
  1. Turning all of Illinois into the south side of Shitcago is the goal of the leftist garbage ruling over us here. The more murders, the better, because it furthers their desire to disarm us, while decrying violence to their fellow travelers in the Agitprop press.

  2. The zombie sheep that make up the general population are busy walking around bumping into things while playing on the phone. Probably looking at cat videos while they wait to vote Dummycrat again. But I digress, These zombie sheep are the perfect “food” for the criminal scum and although usually stupid some of the bad guys are fairly smart at victim selection so I would like to add something to the excellent advice in the article……Myself, my wife, and the kids ( late teens ) will play a game we call “what if “. It’s easy to play and you can play by yourself or with others and here’s how, randomly now and then as you move about your day ask yourself ( or your game partners ) “what if someone walked in and started shooting ?” or “what if the guy in the red shirt pulled a gun and announced a holdup ?” or “what if a fire started “, and whatever else you want to pretend. Once asked “what if” you or your fellow players has to INSTANTLY ( just like in real life emergencies ) come up with a reaction they would take or which exit they would head for, and things like that. of course you be discreet and talk about it only, no gun pulling or jumping on people, pretend fighting, etc. It makes you keep aware of your surroundings and awake. It’s also kind of funny to have your teenager tell you “wake up dad !!!! be aware of your surroundings”. And yep, many of the sheep we recommend our game to call you paranoid and tell you “stuff like that doesn’t happen here blah blah blah.” At least we have them as a filter or fodder to keep the bad guys busy while we react or disappear.

  3. Could have guessed what the picture looked like before I ever saw it.

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