There’s a lot of talk from JB Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists in the Illinois General Assembly in opposition to the little people buying and owning America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.  Our own Attorney General Kwame Raoul argues the same ad nauseum in court.

You want to know who else supports a ban on ownership of AR-15s and other popular guns for self-defense?

The Klan.


Armed blacks don’t get oppressed.

Or lynched.

4 thoughts on “THE KLAN: Who else wants AR-15s banned?”
  1. Great ad and spot on. More and more black people are seeing the liberal Marxist Democrats for what they really are, racists filled with hate and contempt for anyone they can’t control. the last thing the “progressive” left wants is the black people they’ve been using as a voting block for decades to wake up. Especially now that Dummycrats are starting to abandon black people to their crime filled slums as they cater to the growing illegal alien population as the new voting block. It’s been a while since hate filled Democrats have put on the hood and robe and went on a lynching party but everyone knows the deep hatred is still there.

    1. And yet, they still vote to stay on the Democrat plantation 90%+ of the time. Until they don’t, sewers like Chicago and Illinois will continue to devolve into hellscapes. Trump did more for the black community than any other President in history (including our first ‘black’ president Bill Clinton and that fraud Obama). His reward? 92% of blacks went for JoeTato.

      The communist gives you just enough to live if you are stupid enough to support it. Once you are no longer useful to the communist, you will be discarded. Violently, in later examples. We are only in the beginning stages here.

  2. I remember this from last year.
    Great video! Most don’t know the Klan was the Dems’ foot soldiers 150 years ago. I remember seeing the Klan in University of Illinois yearbooks as a student organization. Today, Dems have the gay mafia, groomers, Antifa and BLM.

  3. I grew up in a small town with only a single black family. They were great people and I looked up to the dad – a reserve cop – because he was a really decent guy who treated me well and taught me a thing or three. Then I went to the university and learned about racism and discrimination… from the blacks more than the whites and black females were often the worst. But not all black females. It seemed like the bigger their fat ass, the bigger the chip on their shoulder.
    I’ve been around long enough to know that good people outnumber the shitbirds among the black community. Unfortunately, only the thugs get all the news coverage. And the fat-asses have a kid or two by a bad boy and struggle as single moms. Can’t blame black men for not wanting any part of their toxicity.

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