Not so great news from Sangamon County courts Thursday.  Judge Maurer has suffered a medical emergency and is unavailable for next week’s hearing.  We’re trying to get a date for early June to get this heard as soon as possible.

Keep the faith, folks.  Keep the faith.  It’ll be here before we know it.

One thought on “APRIL 19th FOID lawsuit oral arguments postponed… Looking at rescheduling in June”
  1. This isn’t as urgent as the Bolshevik Gun Ban – FOID has been in effect for 50 years. I think we will prevail on this one as well, but even if we win at the lower state courts I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes before the ISC.

    The good news is that the state hasn’t been doing themselves any favors by using the FOID to punish and control law abiding gun owners, such as by revoking their cards for being CHARGED with a crime. That is clearly actionable under various civil rights laws, and will strengthen our case at the Federal level to get rid of this government impediment to 2A.

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