Illinois’ infamous back-bench US Senator Tammy Duckworth doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to gun control.  All she has is fear, emotions and virtue signaling to her radical base.  That and preening for a promotion into the Biden Administration or a successors possible cabinet.  She’s probably hoping people don’t remember how poorly she did with Veterans Affairs during the Obama administration.  (Likely why Biden didn’t tap her to even a role as Dog Catcher in Chief.)

So she was out in recent days telling the world how it’s all the fault of those evil Republicans that we don’t have more laws attempting to recreate past tyrannies instead of embracing the ideals voiced by our Founding Fathers.

It’s clear that instead of helping people to understand the truth so we will all be better, smarter citizens, she prefers to manipulate people. 

Let’s face it, gun control is racist, classist and sexist.  But Tammy doesn’t care about the little people.  She’s got her armed guards protecting her day in and day out.  The rest of us?  Not so much.

From Breitbart:

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) told CBS News in an interview on Tuesday that she believed Republican lawmakers were continuing to put the well-being of the National Rifle Association (NRA) over Americans and their families.

Duckworth said, “We can right now today pass universal background checks. We could pass a ban on assault weapon ban. We could pass a ban on high-capacity magazines. Those last two things are the common denominators involved in mass shootings in this country.”

How about passing a law against murder, you halfwit.

She added, “We need to remind the voters which legislators are the ones that are kowtowing to the gun lobby and to the NRA, and who is actually working to protect them and their children in their schools. And, frankly, we need to take that message back to the American people, and the people need to vote.”

Oh, bless your heart Tammy.  Rest assured, outside of the urban centers awash in gang violence, plenty of Americans have gotten the message.  Millions have become gun owners since the riots of 2020.  You can quack talk all day long, Sweetheart, but Americans aren’t stupid.  They’re voting with their wallets to buy guns.  Americans know that when danger lurks, that rabbit’s foot won’t save no “bunny.”

6 thoughts on “LAME DUCK: Tammy Duckworth quacks for more gun restrictions for the law-abiding”
  1. Another worthless Bolshie. Neither she nor Durbin even respond to my e-mails anymore. I wouldn’t piss on either of them to put them out if they were on fire.

  2. A leg to stand on. Lol.
    I’m pretty sure Twitter would cancel your account if you posted that.

  3. if she was in our group and we had a bear attack us, I wouldn’t need to whack her in the leg so all of us (except Tammy) could get away. And judging by the picture, Mr. Grizzly would eat well.

    She’s a hard core commie of the Soros persuasion. She would send political opponents to the gas chamber in a second if she could.

  4. The “Duck” is a disgrace to all veterans and she is a traitor. Everything she does violates her oath to The Constitution. Little Dick Durbin must be very proud of his sidekick.

  5. She’s another one of the lying cabal. I had slender hopes that her stunning incompetence might allow for her ouster in this last election, but unfortunately there were too many dead Chicagistans who felt otherwise.

  6. D*uck worthlessthan manure will be a senatraitor long after she is dead AND buried; a disabled vet, female, WOC? (woman of color?) and a democRAT! Eternal life on earth, and s/he can’t do anything wrong for the “woke-mind” voters. Disgusting pile.

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