The enforcement phase of the new gun ban has begun.  As of Monday, April 10th, it is a criminal violation to possess a “prohibited firearm” outside of your own property or on licensed gun ranges.  In fact, possession of two or more of these firearms in public is a Class 3 felony.

Most gun owners have no idea just how expansive the new law really in in terms of the guns banned – even pump action shotguns!  And then there’s the issue of “shorty shells.”  And then there’s the Ruger 10/22, America’s favorite .22 rifle.  Frankly, most of the legislators don’t know either – and that’s when they’re sober! 

What’s more, most magazines with a removable baseplate also fall into the prohibited category.  You may also possess them on private property that’s not open to the public with the owner’s permission.

So, ladies and gentlemen, show of hands:  How many of you ignored the new law’s provisions and carried your concealed carry piece with a removable baseplate magazine in public today?  Or maybe really just said “Molon Labe” and carried your threaded muzzle semi-auto or maybe an AR in the trunk?

Image via Vermont Public Schools.

From last week:

Here’s the law.

And the relevant section from page 105 of the file at the link above..

“Large capacity ammunition feeding device” means:
(1) a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar
device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily
restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of
ammunition for long guns and more than 15 rounds of
ammunition for handguns;

(emphasis added).

Here’s more from page 106.

(c) Except as provided in subsections (d), (e), and (f),
and beginning 90 days after the effective date of this
amendatory Act of the 102nd General Assembly, it is unlawful
to knowingly possess a large capacity ammunition feeding

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last few days.

Here’s what I’ve decided.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with the magazine capacity limits.

I didn’t carry a gun loaded with a magazine with a removable baseplate today despite what I wrote last week pledging not to comply with the new law.   Instead, I carried two.  And two spare magazines.

And then there’s a couple of happy sticks in the back of my ride and a couple of 17-rounders in the glovebox.  And probably a couple of others here or there.

In fact, among a considerable number of Illinois’ card-carrying good guys I know in various regions of the state, I don’t know a single one that was going to put his or her pistols in the gun safe and break out the revolvers because of the new law.  JB Pritzker and his merry band of gun control jihadists have made criminals of most of the 400,000ish concealed carry licensees and fair portion of the two million other gun owners in the state.

The Center Square covered this mess, taking the IFOR press release we published and building on it.

Legal Sunday, illegal Monday: Hunters in Illinois warned they could run afoul of gun ban

(The Center Square) – The provision of Illinois’ gun and magazine ban beginning Monday is affecting resident and nonresident hunters. 

The ban on semi-automatic guns and magazine enacted Jan. 10 says 90 days after, gun owners can no longer be in public places with certain firearms. This is not just affecting what guns concealed carry license holders can carry, or what kinds of magazines they can have with their carry firearm, it is also affecting hunters. 

Illinois State Police say on their frequently asked questions website, prohibited firearms are still allowed on private property for hunters. 

Greg Bishop led off with it this morning at 6:11am Monday morning on capital city’s most-listened-to talk radio morning show.


10 thoughts on “WE SURVIVED DAY ONE: Illinois Gun & Mag ban enforcement started Monday, April 10th”
  1. This is put on hold farm king, scheels, basspro, ect.. are selling this stuff why are you all telling everyone to get back on the plantation???

    1. Unfortunately, the Macon County judge did not spell out clearly that the law is now in abeyance, and both ISP and Kwame the Klown are ignoring the ruling. Most retailers are treading on the side of caution given how easy it would be for the state and the slimy BATF to ruin them and pull their licenses. We aren’t going to win this at the state level on equal protection grounds anyway. Even if for some reason we get a favorable ruling from the ISC, the General Assembly can simply come back, strip out the protected classes, and run the whole thing back through on a supermajority. At best, it would buy you 3 month of delay. Our only salvation is at the Federal level on 2A and Bruen grounds. Only the Federal courts are going to put a stop to this action.

  2. Carried my Five-Seven today with one 20 rounder in the gun, and three 20s as backup. I do have four brand spanking new 20 rounders and 4 15 round limiters that I bought specifically for compliance, however. It pisses me off that I am forced to ruin four good factory mags over this horseshit, but the courts are moving too damned slowly. I am waiting out the week to epoxy these new mags until I see how the oral arguments go. We need a damned statewide injunction NOW.

    I did see that 33 States’ Attorneys filed Amicus briefs today in favor of Dan Caulkins state lawsuit, against the gun ban. It is my hope we see that number go way up into the 80s or 90s.

  3. Will not end well. That’s how I look at it. Pretty sure law enforcement is treading lightly. Regarding enforcement of Criminoise gun ban. It’s like an encounter I had as a teenager. Friend and I were shooting shotguns in a rural field. A farmer on a tractor approached us. Proceeded to tell us we shouldn’t be shooting in the field. As he drove off. My friend asked me why he didn’t chase us off. I replied. Cause we’re the ones holding the guns.

    1. Amen brother. Hard to hollar at men holding the firearms. Common sense dictates good manners. As it should be in all cases regardless.

  4. I carried my Shield with the 12-round magazine. The missus carried her Sig Sauer P365. Nobody got hassled in my family. We’ve carried since the beginning and have not once ever been asked to see our guns or or licenses from the police.

  5. I was told this would never happen dozens of times. The ramifications for getting caught by the ISP are drastic. I am not sure gluing your mags will help. They can arrest you anyway, and then take all your guns. Two years later you win at SCOTUS, but the guns have been shredded and you insurance company will not pay, and you are also out $100K in legal expense.

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