Someone spent waaaay too much time watching Bruce Lee as a child (or maybe YouTube videos as an adult) in Decatur, IL. 

Steven Hirstein, aged old enough to know better, should have been in bed sleeping soundly at 4am on March 30th.  Instead, the big idiot thought he was going to throw some knives at the local PD (which is very well-trained) and waltz out of his residence unmolested.  Well, it didn’t go as he planned it.  Then again, planning a complex caper as an YouTube- and TV-trained mope generally doesn’t end well.

The good news for Hirstein is that he’s still on the green side of the grass.  The bad news is that the State’s Attorney in Macon County is not some Soros-sponsored, criminal-coddling, soft-on-crime anti-police activist.  

Maybe Steven Hirstein can practice his knife-throwing skills over the next twenty years using paper knives.  Why not?  After all, they have Polish footballs.  Why not paper knives?

Here’s the video of lil’ Steven’s ham-handed effort to get away from Decatur’s boys in blue:

Frankly, I salute the Decatur cops there for not mag-dumping this slow-witted mope with his potentially deadly edged weapons.  Steven Hirstein should buy a bunch of lottery tickets, because he’s lucky his ticker didn’t get punched a half-dozen times.  Ditto for his ticket.  

I would have dropped him like a hot tater.

At the same time, I can’t help but imagine if he tried the old knife-throwing stunt against most gun owners who had their guns up and at the ready, he would have suffered a rapid and prolific loss off blood from GSWs.

From the YouTube description:

Decatur, Illinois — On March 30, 2023, The Decatur Police Department was called to the 400 block of E. Orchard just before 4am this morning on a domestic violence call indicating that the adult male and female residents were involved in a fight and that the male suspect in this case had threatened a juvenile with a knife. The adult male suspect is identified as 43-year-old Steven Hirstein. The female is 34-year-old and is the mother of the juvenile. In addition, prior to officers arriving at the incident location, they were made aware that Hirstein was wanted for Aggravated Domestic Battery and Domestic Battery for previous incidents.

Multiple officers arrived on scene to handle this incident. As officers made contact, they spoke to the female and worked to locate the suspect, discovering that the female had stab and slash wounds on her body. Officers eventually located Hirstein in a bathroom, and believed he may have been armed with a knife. The officers gave multiple commands for Hirstein to show them his hands and to come out of the bathroom.

As the officers tried to get Hirstein to surrender, he burst through a falling bathroom door and throws a knife at the cops with his right hand while clutching another ready in his left. The thrown knife missed the cops clustered near the bathroom.

Two Decatur Police Officers discharged their firearms at Hirstein, striking him multiple times. Hirstein immediately fell to the ground and was secured. First aid was provided to Hirstein and he was subsequently transported to DMH to be treated for his injuries. The female victim was also transported to DMH for treatment for her injuries.

Hirstein was shot in both his hands and in his right arm, just above the elbow. His injuries are non-life threatening. He is currently being treated at DMH and is in stable condition. The female victim was also transported to DMH where she was found to have multiple stab wounds to the back, arm and hip, and a cut on her chest.

Her injuries were not serious, and she was released from the hospital later that morning. Hirstein was released from the hospital and was booked in the Macon County jail on charges of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Domestic Battery, and Aggravated Assault. On April 3, 2023, a Macon County judge set the bond for Hirstein at $1,085,000.

What an alleged idiot.  He’ll be good as new in a couple of months.  Just in time for gifts of soap on a rope for his time spent in the big house.

4 thoughts on “FELONY STUPID: Decatur PD pops knife-throwing fool [BODYCAM VIDEO]”
  1. What’s the old saying? Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Better yet. Don’t expect much consideration. When you attack people who are wielding a gun.

    1. If we could only pass common sense mentally disturbed control laws this might have been avoided! But WAIT, mentally disturbed individuals have Rights too, and JUST LIKE CRIMINALS they WILL NOT abide by established laws, Isn’t it already against many varied laws to COMMIT MURDER/ASSAULT/TERRORISM??! WTF!

  2. The guy was a dumbass and he wasn’t thinking. He’s lucky to be alive but his life is over.

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