A Florida police K-9 handler was shot three times in an ambush from a 23-year-old Florida man Zion Bostick.  Moments later, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department Cpl. Aitken’s dog “Taco” took a big bite out of crime and out of Bostick.  What’s more, Taco’s sergeant then dispensed some ballistic therapy to the ex-convict and would-be cop killer, truncating the killer’s career and saving Florida taxpayers a whole lot of additional money to house a career thug for additional time in prison.

Even better, Police Activity has video of the incident.


And here’s the press conference.


Here’s the local Fox affiliate’s story.

Pinellas County deputy – who the sheriff described as an experienced law enforcement officer with grit – had surgery Monday morning after he was shot in the neck, hand, and leg while responding to a vehicle burglary report. Officials said the suspect was “waiting” for deputies before firing at them.

Officials said the suspect was “waiting” for deputies before firing at them.

Go read the whole story for a feel good story about German Shepherd Dogs, and good prevailing over evil.

2 thoughts on “MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Police K-9 saves his handler that had been shot three times [VIDEO]”
  1. I have always loved and respected German Shepherd dogs, maybe from watching “Rin Tin Tin” and “Bullit”, Roy Rogers’ dog, while growing up. Also, my first dog as an adult was a beautiful Shepherd/Husky mix that was very loyal and protective, it really saddened me when he died, luckily from old age at about 13 years old, relieved I didn’t have to “put him down”.
    Shepherds are naturally protective and loyal to their owners/handlers, but don’t get on their “bad side”, they will take care of business.

  2. Buy that dog a big ass steak. I had relatives that lived in Pinellas County twenty or thirty years ago. What a beautiful place. Either its gone downhill or they and we (my wife and I when we would visit) didn’t see any crime to speak of.

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