A couple of outlets have weighed in on the Chicago election results, where votes from the Windy City’s highest crime neighborhoods put Brandon (Let’s go Brandon!) Johnson on top of the law-and-order candidate Paul Vallas in the run-off election for Mayor.  Ironically, the people who have suffered the most under Lightfoot elected someone who makes Lightfoot look like a moderate.

Here’s the piece from Trending Politics:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Windy City, there is yet another election that will have residents blowing out for greener pastures.

Brandon Johnson, a radical socialist candidate, defeated moderate Democrat Paul Vallas in the race to replace Chicago mayor/Beetlejuice-lookalike Lori Lightfoot.

As noted by journalist Andy Ngo, Johnson had called for “removing law enforcement from society. During the 2020 riots, he defended looters, saying they were lashing out against racism…”

The crime wave had played a major role in Lightfoot becoming the first Chicago mayor in four decades to lose a re-election bid.

But it looks like Chicago will be electing a candidate who is even more radical than Lightfoot to replace her.

Brandon Johnson has lied about his positions on the failed Democratic Party policy known as “defund the police.”

Johnson had claimed, “I never said, defund the police.” But he avoided explaining his 2020 comment when he was shown on video during a debate saying that defunding police is not “a slogan, it’s an actual real political goal.”

The incoming mayor also believes in structural racism and seeks “equity” through $800 million more in local taxes to benefit black and Latino communities and reduce crime.

And Wirepoints:

By: Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner

…So Chicagoans kicked out Lightfoot. Change was possible. 

But what Chicagoans voted for on April 4 was someone more extreme and exactly opposite of what the city needed. 

To reduce Chicago’s nation-high homicide rate, Chicago needed a new mayor willing to take on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s unwillingness to prosecute dangerous criminals. A mayor willing to challenge Judge Tim Evans’ decarcerationist agenda. A mayor willing to jam shut the system’s revolving door for criminals. 

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson won’t do any of that. Instead, look for him to embrace the policies of Foxx and Evans. In his own words, he’s for defunding the police and defends looting as “an outbreak of incredible frustration and anguish” tied to “a failed racist system.” 

Watch for police morale to fall further, for criminals to be emboldened and for crime to continue to spike in Chicago.

To improve Chicago’s dismal educational outcomes – only 1 in 20 black students at CPS can do math at grade level – the city needed a new mayor to champion math and reading proficiency as well as educational excellence, merit and achievement. You won’t get that from Brandon Johnson and his Chicago Teachers Union. Johnson has already said that as a teacher he pushed to eliminate standards, stopped giving homework, and reduced test prep as a way of “rebelling against the structure.” For him, the concept of “equity,” not excellence, will dominate, and kids will lose. 

Watch for student outcomes to worsen as standards are removed. 

And as for the city’s economic climate and business friendliness, Chicago needed a new mayor who would make the city affordable again by growing the tax base, not the tax rate. Who would encourage companies to come to the city, not lambast them as a cause of social ills.

Johnson will do the opposite. He’s promised to target businesses and the wealthy to pay for his social programming. We’ve already seen leaders in business and finance – like Ken Griffin and Citadel and Boeing – leave. Don’t be surprised to see a continued, steady outflow. The damage could be deep.

The silver lining in all this? A few years under Johnson may finally push the center left in Chicago to finally give a reformer the support of 50 percent plus one. 

The question is, how bad of a hit will Chicago have taken during that time? To its safety. To its social cohesion. To its finances. To its population. To its economic base…

9 thoughts on “LIGHTFOOT 2.0: What have you done, Chicago?”
  1. Really not surprising that he would get a large number of votes in the high crime neighborhoods. The criminals are likely voting too, so why wouldn’t they vote for someone who would help enable their criminal activities?
    Outmigration from Illannoy and Chitcago? Not happening. Just ask the Fat Tard in the governor’s mansion. He’s got a handle on that.
    Avoid Chitcago at all cost.

  2. The ever present spectre of malaise and despair has taken hold in society. When the concept of risk reward went out the window. We replaced it with a victimhood mentality. Crying out as being oppressed with one hand. And with the other out stretched demanding. More and more alms.

  3. I know some good people that live i Chicago. Unfortunately their poorly educated brethren have made it impossible for most prudent good people to stay.
    As for the poor(ly) educated? Fuck them. The voted for this commie bastard. Let them live in lil Venezuela.

  4. Let Chitcago destroy itself, not much can be dome about it now; just that a “border wall” needs to be erected around Crook county to keep the criminals out of the rest of ILL-Annoy, and if we can keep the democRAT-iKKK criminal enterprise enclosed with their criminal constituents, Illinois can return to a state worth living in again. I love my country and the state I grew up in but I despise the criminality of the politicians that are destroying the greatness of the American ideals. God, please return America to Her possible Greatness and strike the evildoers down to eternal damnation!

  5. If Chicago communism were limited to Chicago, I would say let them kill and eat each other and be done with it. Unfortunately, we are all subject to its failures because the GA and Executive branch is now stuffed to the gills with this leftist trash. We are being crushed downstate by Chicago politics.

    It is time for us to find a way to ‘vote’ Chicago out of the state of Illinois for good. They can become their own nation, petition to join another state (I doubt any would want them) or simply FOAD. I don’t care. I didn’t choose to live there, and I am sick of their failed politics being inflicted upon me every day.

    1. Exactly! Cut it off, as Chicago drags an otherwise decent state down with its stupid leftist crap.

  6. The polls said 2/3’s of Chicago was concerned about crime. That does not square with results. The ones who voted for Johnson did so in full knowledge of what would happen. Chicago will soon be Detroit.

  7. They voted for this. They can live and die with the monster they chose to “lead” them. My family won’t be going to that shit hole.

  8. From the article above: “only 1 in 20 black students at CPS can do math at grade level – ”
    Thats 5%. ANY product with a 5% functional output that effing low has NO value. Such is the Chicago Public Skools.
    Theres lots of flowery talk about the ‘school-to-prison-pipeline’ , as if theres some maniacal evil old man, who enjoys seeing poor kids fail, while the system continues to pump out illiterate, unskilled students, who are simply warehoused for 12 years in union shops. Pipeline indeed, no evil plotting needed. A political and legal system that no longer serves the citizens in the least. ( I know, I worked there for years, swimming against the tide) A city and county government that treats business as a revenue stream to bleed dry, and a voter base thats willing to vote to their own detriment, every time, is why good people keep leaving for anywhere else. Detroit is a lesson that these fools cant seem to understand. Ill never set foot there again, and I will only miss the Chicago that used to be.

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