Memphis is a rough town, with no shortage of gang violence.  Along those lines, footage has leaked of a major gun battle between gangs last weekend.  A heckuva way to start April Fool’s Weekend, right?

A man in a suit working security for an upscale restaurant/nightclub did his job and stopped a carload of bad guys from getting into the club.  He took on at least four showing pretty good movement and tactics given the chaotic nature of the battle.

Here’s the video and there’s a story below.

Footage from a night club in Memphis last night. I’m assuming the man in the suit is security, there’s other videos I will link in the comments as well.
by u/carbonarr in CCW


From ABC News:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men were killed and five other people were wounded in a shooting outside a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, police said Thursday.

Police said two people were arrested Thursday after the shooting that authorities said began with an altercation inside Privé restaurant and nightclub.

And there’s more video showing the two guys who got killed.  Fox13 had the censored video.  We bring you the uncensored version.

Not safe for work.  Serious gore, especially in the second video.


Link of the embed fails.


Link if the embed fails.

Notice the security people doing CPR on the guy who got burned down by the burst from the Glock Switched gun.  Nothing like pumping out what’s left of his blood to help ensure he won’t make it.

It’s also remarkable more people didn’t get shot and/or killed.

6 thoughts on “Graphic video of gang member shootout in Memphis last weekend [VIDEO]”
  1. Just another day in liberal urban America.

    I will definitely be giving up my 2A rights in the face of these animals and the feckless governments that continue to allow this behavior, all while trying to make me into a felon. Or not.

  2. The leftist filth will NEVER pass any laws that make it tougher to be a criminal or gang member. No extra jail time or anything like that, just infringement on people who are not the problem. Not only that but they make it harder for possible victims to defend themselves while letting animals like this run wild. ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and ready to defend you and yours if you get caught up in some liberal enabled **** show.

  3. I bookmarked this page. Watching the vids again, pay attention to the gang banger in blue on the lower left. His control of a full auto burst is amazing. Even more remarkable as he did it shooting one handed while hopping backwards on one foot! He should hold classes!

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