Todd Vandermyde, the Illinois Gun Law Guru and former NRA-ILA contract lobbyist for Illinois, takes a look at the new Illinois Firearm Ban Act.  In it, he makes the case for how the Remington 870, America’s favorite shotgun with 11+ million in circulation, is illegal under the new law.

“Huh?” you ask…  “What are you talking about.  The law only covers semi-auto shotguns.”

Did you read it closely?  Words have meaning.  ANY shotgun that is able to be readily converted to hold over ten rounds is illegal.  With the magazine extensions available, that makes the standard 870 illegal and then some even using standard 2 3/4″ shells.

Here, watch the video for more information about it.And if you missed it, your semi-auto shotguns that have a 4-round fixed magazine, thanks to shorty shells, those are now illegal as well.


2 thoughts on “IL outlawed America’s favorite shotgun, the Remington 870”
  1. With shorty shells, even my Mossberg Shockwave is pretty close to being ‘illegal’. Every shotgun I own can hold more than 10 of those, in theory. Bet they would really love my DP-12 – it holds something like 26 shorties and discharges them 2 at a time.
    F Pritzker, Raoul the Tool, Bob Morgan and the rest of the Communist Choir. That goes for ISP, too, since they have chosen their side – poorly.

  2. Democrats continue their attacks on downstate hunters, while ignoring the cartel violence in Chicago. Black lives definitely don’t matter to Illinois democrats.

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