Who wants to stifle speech they disagree with & those who speak those words?  Why is violence and murder the left’s go-to solution for those with diverse thoughts and beliefs that the left doesn’t like?  Who are the fascists?  Frankly, the left’s propensity towards violence, including mob violence, against those they disagree with is reason number eleventy-million and thirty-two how gun ownership protects First Amendment rights. 

Will Smith has announced the side he’s chosen.  While in Dubai promoting his latest film Suicide Squad, sat down for an interview covered by the kind folks at the Associated Press.  In that presser, Smith says:

“As painful as it is to hear Donald Trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an American to hear him talk, I think it’s good.  We get to know who people are and now we get to cleanse it out of our country.”

Hey Will, if you need directions, just drop me a line.  You can even bring a film crew to document you leading the “cleansing” from the front.

Or are you just another blow-hard Hollywood elitist who wouldn’t want to break a manicured nail going hands-on?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

What is Suicide Squad?  It’s another very woke DC Comics “superhero” movie – as if we haven’t seen enough of those in the last ten years.  In fact, it’s like that about all we see.  I’m sure the Critical Drinker will have a fun time with a review of this trainwreck.  In fact, he’ll probably need another bottle of Jack if he has to sit through the whole trailer, much less the movie.  I couldn’t hack more than about a minute of the (link) trailer, but then again, I’m sober.


Sitting through the whole movie?  LOL.  I’ll get right on that.

Instead, I think I’ll go to the range and work on polishing some skills in case Will wants to make me famous.

12 thoughts on “2A SAYS ‘NO’ | Will Smith: ‘cleanse’ America of Trump supporters”
  1. When I want the opinion of a celebrity, I will consult the remains in my toilet bowl.

  2. This coming from someone who gets up on stage and hits another person on live TV. Cl(ass) act there.
    Bottle of Jack. You mean Jack Traniels?

    1. Virtual signaling elitist trash like Will Smith makes millions glorifying gun violence while clucking their tongues about it. F*** this hypocrite, and all like him.
      Mass murderers all share one common trait – they are mentally ill. When one goes on a stabbing spree, or drives their car through a crowded mall, or sets a building on fire we don’t blame the knife, vehicle or gas can. Both parties decided to get out of the business of confining the mentally ill because it cost taxpayers too much. Now, we reap the benefits of this poor decision.
      Here’s a new story about another degenerate tranny who was foiled in a plot to shoot up some more schools and churches. Every single one of them is mentally ill, and should be segregated from society. Instead, we are told to celebrate this diversity.


  3. Over the years, Will Smith has put his idiocy on display a number of times. The guy ought to grow up. Maybe he needs to spend more time trying to satisfy Jada so she doesn’t have to keep getting on her back for much younger men…

  4. Is this the guy whose wife (who isn’t anything special) banged some singer or actor or something a couple of years ago? Apparently Will wasn’t or can’t take care of business at home. Then last year he slapped the host of one of those award shows to make believe he wasn’t a little cuck sissy bitch? I’m too lazy to Google it. Here’s how I see it: If his “wife” admitted to screwing another actor publicly she doesn’t respect him. I’d about bet she’s done it with plenty of others. Yet he doesn’t dump her, so that tells me he must like watching his wife with a real man. That’s okay. It’s his bedroom. Have at it Willy. Sorry about your pecker problems, bud.
    Either way, I won’t be spending my money to watch your crap.

  5. But what do Will Smith’s wife’s boyfriend think about that?

    Cuck harder, Willie.

  6. Okay, I googled it. Open relationship. Whatever buddy.
    The Hollywood stars started to explore polygamy after they were “both miserable” and realised “clearly something had to change”.
    Will confirmed they both had flings, after Jada openly discussed her “entanglement” with rapper August Alsina in 2020.

    1. Way too much information, little willie Smiff looks and spews blather resembling what is smeared on the bottom of my boot after walking after my dog and stepping on a pile. Commie “ce lib RATy” opinion is worth less than my dog’s poop pile on a good day, and smells worse!

  7. Will Smith and a real gun? Hahahahahaha. I would pay good money to watch him try to slap John or another real man though. I suspect he would need more than a manicure to repair a broken nail if he did. Talk about a simp. We saw that when he was triggered by a guy who made a harmless joke at his “wife” at that awards show. Her “hairstyle“ looked awful and horrific. She had it coming. Maybe her newest boyfriend liked woman without any hair.

  8. The Second Amendment guarantees Will Smith won’t be cleansing anything except his urethra after he catches another STD. If he wants to live to see 80 at least.

  9. There used to be a time not to long ago when celebrities appreciated fans, kept their opinion to themselves, and always tried to show grace and class. Now its spoiled children that think because they’re overpaid and overhyped they somehow should school everyone. No wonder his wife has to find real men to scratch the itch while Willie sits in the corner sucking his thumb.

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