The American Federation of Teachers union president Randi Weingarten came out following the transexual shooting a bunch of third graders dead in Tennessee with a bold demand for legislators: Repeal the Second Amendment and confiscate guns from the little people.

The little people means you and me.

Watch the video.

We report.

You decide.

Image by Oleg Volk. Used with permission.


Pretty sure Randi won’t be giving up her armed security any time soon should such a measure pass.

Which, of course, it never will.

But boy, it sure is red meat for the red (as in commie red) faction of the hard left in today’s world.

10 thoughts on “Teachers’ Union Head Randi Weingarten: Repeal the 2nd Amendment & Confiscate all guns… Molon Labe, Sweetheart…”
  1. Is that thing a tranny? It could give Rachel Levine some competition for butt ugly.

  2. Another communist teacher that knows nothing about the Constitution or how it works. FOAD.

  3. The really sad part is that she’s in a position to demand more school security, funding for hardening buildings, armed ex cops and ex military for security as well as training school staff to being armed to defend children. every tragedy brings stories of school staff jumping in front of bullets to shield kids and teachers trying to take down active killers unarmed and ending up murdered. I think we can trust them with a firearm at school.

    But instead this pathetic tyrant wanna be demands more of what makes all the killing possible. nothing but a bought and paid for stooge that has no problem enabling lunatics while she knows she’ll never face such a threat. The union members need to demand throwing her ass out.

    1. Dead children further the agenda of communists like this vile pig. The more school shootings, the better as far as they are concerned. They don’t give one flying …. about children, and never have. Their agenda is power and control – period.

      The Federal government didn’t seize control of the schools in the late 1970s in order to ensure quality education and uniformity of outcome.

  4. Time to defund and eliminate the AFT (“ALL FOOLISH TEACHERS”) union and make it illegal for national unions having anything to do with education. Educators should only be local to be held accountable to local parents and citizens! The AFT is just a democRAT slush fund to keep the demo-Marxists in political “power” and should be illegal!

    1. ALL public sector unions should be illegal. Even a loathsome tool like FDR himself recognized the danger of allowing public sector employees to organize. The AFT is one of the most egregious examples of what happens when this is allowed.

  5. She’s welcome to come to my house and lead the charge to confiscate my guns. Hell, I’ll even let her smoke a cigarette right beforehand.

  6. Love all the comments above! My only addition is to tell Randi to travel and fornicate thyself!

  7. Where are all these people who claim they want “commonsense” gun laws? Why aren’t any of them calling out Weingarten as the extemist that she so obviously is? Or are they for some reason afraid to criticize the extreme prohibitionists?

  8. Randi has shown again and again that the teachers’ unions care nothing about our kids, their educations, or their safety. It’s so sad.

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