CNN is broken.  Like an old mule that just can’t work anymore, the former “news” network instead peddles half-truths and Democrat party talking points in an effort to remain relevant.  For example, following the incident where a dysfunctional transgendered individual shot and killed defenseless third-graders in Nashville, CNN tried to blame “lax gun laws” for violence.


It wasn’t the mentally-ill, social misfit who committed a horrific atrocity.

CNN — As Nashville police left a news conference Monday, Ashbey Beasley unexpectedly moved in front of the still-live microphones and television cameras.

Beasley then told her story: She and her son survived the Fourth of July parade mass shooting in her hometown of Highland Park, Illinois, last year, in which a gunman used an assault-style rifle to kill seven and injure dozens more people.

The two happened to be on a family vacation in Nashville this week, visiting her sister-in-law, when a shooter armed with an assault-style rifle, a pistol and a handgun killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in the city.

CNN’s reaching for a link.  Funny how they didn’t mention that the defective misfit who committed the Highland Park massacre dressed up as a female after committing the atrocity.  A very poor imitation of a woman, but as a woman nevertheless.

But I digress…

“How is this still happening?” Beasley asked. “How are our children still dying, and why are we failing them?”

We’re failing them because we’ve disarmed the good guys who would shoot social misfits, losers, terrorists and criminals dead with extreme prejudice if they try to kill our children, that’s why.  You slow-witted woman.

In the wake of last year’s parade shooting, Illinois officials did seek to do something, enacting new gun restrictions aimed at banning the sale of the kinds of firearms used in the Highland Park and Nashville shootings.

But what’s happened in Illinois in the wake of those shootings, as the Democratic-controlled state sought to impose new gun restrictions, underscores the legal and geographic hurdles gun control advocates face in imposing measures such as banning the sale of assault rifles – even in the wake of ongoing mass shootings across the country.

The pro-gun control group Everytown ranks Illinois’ gun laws as the seventh-strongest in the nation as of January.

However, the state has struggled to restrict the flow of illegal guns, particularly in Chicago. US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives firearms trace data shows that less than half the guns recovered in Illinois in 2021 – the most recent year available – were purchased in-state. Many came from neighboring Indiana, with much more lax gun laws.

So those guns came from states with lax gun laws.  Setting aside the fact that those traces aren’t all crime guns (the media doesn’t report that, now do they?), supposedly half of Chicago’s crime guns come from out-of-state…  from states with “lax gun laws.”  

If lax gun laws were the problem, then how come cities like Indianapolis, Dallas and Miami don’t have Chicago-style violence if “lax gun laws” were the cause?  One would think they would have far worse violent crime and firearm violent crime than Chicago if easy guns were the problem.

By the way, under Ron DeSantis’ leadership, Florida’s violent crime rate has dropped to 50-year lows.  Florida likes high bails and low crime.  It’s a shame Illinois’ leadership doesn’t feel the same about violent crime.

Meanwhile, under Democrat leadership of JB Pritzker, Toni Preckwinkle, Lori Lightfoot and Kim Foxx, Chicago had their 11th year in a row as America’s #1 City for Murder.

8 thoughts on “CNN trots out the ‘lax gun laws’ trope about Illinois gun laws”
  1. The blame game, the victim game. It’s all the same to these miscreants. But the truth is quite foreign to them. The real truth is we have a mental health problem. Likely brought on by the dystopian reality. We have had hoisted upon us.

  2. Gun control people have to blame someone when all their vaunted gun control fails time and time again.

  3. Something never mentioned, especially in the Marxist-media and democRAT propaganda (talking) points: It looked like the rescuers that “took out” the tranny-murderer were using AR-STYLE defense weapons! Or were they also “assaulting” the murderer? Was it an “assault” on crime? GIMME A BREAK! CoME ON, MAN!
    America’s favorite rifle is the BEST defense weapon going after some deranged, mentally deficient criminal murderer intent on mass execution!

  4. Fortunately, almost no one watches CNN anymore, so their propaganda falls upon very few ears. The next time a leftist piece of garbage whines about a school shooting, ask them why their fellow Democrats voted down school hardening measures with real funding last year. It won’t be hard to find one that did; all Democrats opposed it.
    Democrats love dead children. It furthers their agenda.

  5. If the left ever gets our guns, they are gonna imprison or murder their political opponents. You know that, right?

    1. History has proven this correct everywhere socialists and communists take power. After they murder their opponents, they kill all the useful idiots that allowed them to gain power. We call those Democrats in America.

      Think it couldn’t happen here? How many people are still held in DC jails for doing nothing more than showing up at the Capitol on Jan. 6th?

  6. As always those with the mental disorder known as liberalism enable violent loons then blame everyone else and play the victim card.

  7. How Lori Lightfoot passed the UBE is beyond me. Some of the proctors at the exam must have been pretty hard up to be willing to trade a passing grade for sex (straight or gay) with that… “woman.”
    Feminism: helping ugly women succeed.

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