Talk is cheap.  America will watch as Trans advocates march on the US Supreme Court Saturday and do…  nothing.  But they’re certainly talking tough in social media posts.  Tip for the day:  If they’re talking about it, they’re just talking.  It’s the ones who will act without threatening that you have to worry about.  But mental disorders and gender dysphoria don’t make a person bulletproof.

For most of normal America, this persons terms will be acceptable.   And then some.

Yup, there’s more…

Trans day of vengeance?  10-4 Skippy.

More bigot hits?  Well, isn’t that special.

I hate to break it to the kook end of the trans community, but these folks aren’t engendering Suzy Soccermom or Joe Sixpack to their cause.

Is it just me or is the COVID face diaper thing seems a common theme here.  Has it become a dead giveaway that someone’s either physically sick or mentally unwell?

16 thoughts on “TRANS RIGHTS OR ELSE: ‘Trans day of range’ set for April 1st”
  1. April 1st day of range or rage? How appropriate is that? April fool’s for sure. I’m sure that the literal insanity of that. Is not lost on most people. Unless they’re talking about taking them to the range.

  2. Oh else what, deviants? What do you have to rage over, exactly? Didn’t mommy and daddy hug you enough as a child, and now you choose to murder children instead?
    I don’t suppose Team Potato might consider this to be domestic terrorism, would they? Nah. Just like Antifa attacking the Portland Courthouse for 110 days. Only white straight males can be terrorists, and only if they are conservative.

  3. From what I have seen, the “males” that identify as “females” are very much “feminized” to the point of being wusses, the “females” that identify as “males” must be the “toxic masculinity” that has been professed by the mentally deficient. We might call it “over-compensation” for imitating real masculinity, which does not need to “prove” their maleness/masculinity.
    The Marxist-democRATS have really destroyed civil society through the “educational institutions” by indoctrinating “sculls full of mush” (ala: Rush Limbaugh) that boys can be girls and girls can be boys if they “feel” that way. Pathetic and disgusting. Let’s hope America can reject this INSANITY and return to normal sane lifestyles. This all is a result of defying Christ’s teachings and letting EVIL invade society. May God Bless America, Again!

  4. The face diapers are probably more for making it harder to identify them, much like the hood class you see in reports of shoplifting where they show pictures of the perps.

  5. Do they think all gun owners are mouth-breathing “queer” people haters? Psst. We don’t care who you sleep with. But if you think you’re going to murder us because we don’t give you special privileges, well, bring it Krylon hair mafia.

    1. And they probably can’t figure out if it’s better to squat or stand to pee. I really don’t want to know, for what it’s worth.

    1. The “transgender community” is soooo confused they have no idea what is right and correct about life, society, morality, and what/who to believe about the situation the evil democRATS false existence have lead them to. Life is very difficult, and more-so when you are lead to an existence that you are sooo unhappy/depressed/obsessed with.

  6. My younger brother ha a Ph.D in religious philosophy and he endorses the far left He is an example of how the left infiltrated the colleges with their poison ideology. I told him I doubt his Christianity. He went ballistic on me. He said he wrote articles on it. Well and good, but writing an article that goes against the Bible doesn’t make you right.

  7. I saw they cancelled it because of a “danger” to the “trans” community. LOL. Well, no shit. You threaten the rest of us with getting shot if we don’t bow down and worship at your tranny religion and you don’t expect that we’re going to bring our guns and friends with (long) guns and shoot you in the face. Dumb shits.

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