Back home from a Spring Break vacation.  No, not like babes on a beach in Florida, but visiting family and spending a few days in a rental cabin.  Sorry for the intermittent posting.  I tried to minimize time spent on GSL business, but did set aside a couple of blocks of time while everyone else was asleep to post some stuff including IGOLD.

Credit to my wife who has found that renting a cabin costs LESS than decent hotels for the same number of nights if you want or need more than one room.  Plus you get privacy, and what’s effectively renting a home…  all for less than a hotel that doesn’t come with complimentary roaches.

The trip down was…  grueling.  We travelled Friday before last pretty much with that storm system that spawned all those devastating tornadoes in Mississippi.  We drove through and experienced increasingly heavy rain from Effingham to the Kentucky border.  The trip through Kentucky was like driving through a mild hurricane with 50-60 mph winds and horizontal heavy rain.

Although I did snap this photo at a semi-sheltered gas station between downpours.

Someone could make good money buying a few hundred cases of these and selling them in Chicago for 3 for $10.

We saw several wrecks including some young kid (pictured on the left) that rolled his car in Tennessee Saturday.  Thanks for the 40 minute traffic pile up, Mr. “I hope you weren’t texting while driving.”  Glad his phone wasn’t injured.  Amazingly I don’t think he lost any windows but the car needed a bath – and some bodywork.

We settled in Georgia for a few nights.  Saw a number of sights including this one.

There’s a story here.  It’s coming.

And then on to the Dollywood area just outside of Pigeon Forge.

On the way, well, we saw a lot of nature.

Some of it a little closer to the road than we would have preferred.

And on the way back yesterday, attorney Thomas Maag dropped a present in my lap.  It’s HUGE.  It’s coming later today.

I shared it with Todd Vandermyde, and I think it’s a safe bet he’ll be putting up a video on it today or tomorrow at his Freedom’s Steel Channel on YouTube.

I pruned my subscription list at YouTube down to about two dozen channels (from a couple of hundred) during the trip.  Todd’s channel easily made the cut.  I recommend subscribing to it for some of the best gun advocacy and 2A legal analysis out there. 

3 thoughts on “Back home… Blockbuster story coming later today. Huge win courtesy of Thomas Maag!”
  1. Glad you had a chance to get out and do some family time down south ( one of the best parts of the country ). With all the lawsuits, court stuff, stress with all the things going on we know you’ve been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the upcoming things you post.

  2. Glad you had a safe trip and had a relaxing family time, nice looking cabin retreat get away, I am jealous! With the storms: March sure went out like a LION, eh? Kids and their addiction to cell phones and text, tickle-tok, and whatever they can’t be without for however long it takes to drive to the destination: major safety hazard! Wonder if he learned a lesson for life. Be safe and well!!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice trip. Can’t wait for the “Drug & Gun” story!

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