Last Thursday evening, at the last minute, we and the NRA’s legal team submitted our respective briefs.

From The Center Square:

(The Center Square) – The final scheduled filings have been made in the Southern District of Illinois federal courts in the consolidated challenge of Illinois’ gun and magazine ban. The next key date is oral arguments next month.

The state enacted a ban on more than 170 semi-automatic guns and magazines over 15 rounds for handguns and 10 for rifles. There’s also a registry that opens in October with a Jan. 1 deadline, or gun owners face criminal penalties. 

Four plaintiff groups sued in federal court. The cases challenging the ban on Second Amendment grounds were consolidated. Thursday, the plaintiff groups filed their responses to the state’s position that the law will stand constitutional muster.

For all of the pleadings in our case (the FFL-IL/Guns Save Life/Gun Owners of America), visit this link.

2 thoughts on “COURT UPDATE: ‘Constitutional rights are not extinguished by hyperbole’”
  1. This continued waiting is excruciating! Sure hope we get a far reaching pro-2A ruling from this one!

  2. A very good filing in my non-lawyerly opinion. Heavy on facts and precedent without a ton of unnecessary verbiage. The states’ position on their arguments do not appear to be grounded in either legal precedence or fact, and we should win this case outright.
    My biggest concern now is that the judge does not allow himself to be swayed by current events – i.e. another mentally ill school shooting on Monday. The press is whoring this shooting as hard as they did Highland Park and of course they had to trot out Potato Joe to whine about ‘assault weapons’ within minutes. The ‘punish the law-abiding for the actions of the mentally ill’ drumbeat is strong this morning.
    Word is that the Nashville tranny bought the guns legally, and passed the required background checks. So much for the bilge that flows from the mouths of the left about more universal background checks, etc.

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