So, if you’re not a resident of America’s formerly “Second City” Chicago, you can be excused for not knowing there’s a run-off election for mayor.  While neither of the finishers are pro-gun, one is at least marginally supportive of law-and-order while the other one, Brandon Johnson, supports neither law nor order.  Instead, he’s a big advocate of not only defunding the police, but zeroing out the budget for police.

If elected Brandon Johnson (Let’s go Brandon!) will undoubtedly keep his protective detail while he advocates for fewer cops for the little people of Chicago.  Lori Lightfoot’s got a 90-man strong detail.  Even if Johnson cuts it to 60, that’s still a LOT of muscle for a “man of the people.”

But we know the “man of the people” is just a cheap schtick by Johnson.  He’s a would-be tyrant.

And in a show of his own fecklessness, Johnson’s feckless opponent Paul Vallas actually criticized John Catanzaro, the head of Chicago police union, for predicting a lot (more) blood in the streets if Let’s Go Brandon wins this election, in addition to mass retirements and resignations.

Jeez.  What a pair of losers running for mayor.  The difference between them?  If Vallas gets elected, it’ll just take a few more years for Chicago to circle the drain.

From NBC5 Chicago:

Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson have criticized Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara’s recent remarks about the mayoral election that warned of mass resignations and “blood in the streets’ if Johnson is victorious.

In an interview with the New York Times, Catanzara painted a violent picture if Johnson triumphs over Vallas on April 4.

“If this guy gets in, we’re going to see an exodus like we’ve never seen before,” he said, before adding that there would be “blood in the streets” if Johnson wins.

Catanzara also predicted that 800-to-1,000 officers would leave the force if Johnson wins.

Vallas, who has been endorsed by the FOP’s Chicago chapter, criticized the comments.

“I condemn his comments. I think his comments are absolutely irresponsible. Period,” he said. “They’re absolutely irresponsible and they have no place in this campaign.”

Since when is publicly acknowledging the obvious irresponsible, Paul.

5 thoughts on “Chicago PD union chief John Catanzaro: ‘Blood in streets’ if Johnson elected mayor”
  1. Shitago is a war zone. Has been for years. Any half assed attempts to correct what politicians have created. Has been nothing but hyperbole.

  2. Incorrect. Chitcago has been circling the drain for a long time now. The only surprising thing is that thousands more haven’t already moved out.

  3. I see that putrid Communist Johnson is only 5 points behind Vallas in the latest polling. I smell a Chicago steal in the making.
    If Chicago elected this puke after 4 years of Groot, they deserve all the misery coming their way. If you are still a taxpaying citizen trapped behind the lines in Shitcago, get out now, whatever the cost.

    Johnson would have been the product of Groot and Lenin having a kid together.

  4. The machine will elect the commie Johnson. Then they will get it good and hard. Fuck em.

  5. What you need in Chicago a the Great State of IL is for the 2nd amendment to be followed. Arm the citizens or at least let them defend themselves by arming themselves. Florida actually saw a 10% drop in Violent crime when it passed it conceal carry law because the bad guys had no idea which citizen was armed. Time for police officers to take a stand against these do nothing DA and to demand the system follow the 2nd amendment.
    R Taylor HPD

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