You can’t make it to a meeting, but you want a chance to win a gun for as little as $4? Here’s your chance!
And yes, we’ve had several mail-in ticket winners in the past few months, and we’ve had gun drawing winners that bought their tickets at other meeting locations.  The bottom line:  you need not be present to win!

Indicate how many tickets you want for the gun you want (and city of drawing). Tickets are $5 or 5 for $20. Or 25 (plus a bonus) for $100.

GSL’s Treasurer Joanne Chandler will electronically notify the Regional Directors of the mail-in tickets sold for their meetings so they can get them into the drawing. If you’re late, we’ll return your check.

Attn: Drawings
Guns Save Life
PO Box 8
Clinton, IL 61727

Did we mention that winning is fun!  

GSL Monthly Gun Lineup!

Chicago Mar: Stoeger P3000 12 ga w/ extended magazine

Chicago Apr: Ruger 10/22

Chicago May: Taurus 605 3” .357

Peoria Apr.: Mossberg 500 synthetic stock

Peoria May.: PSA Dagger 9mm + 10 mags

Pontiac Apr.: Canik TP9SC Elite 9mm

Pontiac May.: S&W M&P EZ 9mm

Pontiac Jun.: PSA Dagger 9mm + 10 mags.

NW Chicagoland Apr.: PSA Dagger 9mm + 10 mags.

Decatur Apr: Savage Mark II

Decatur May: CVA Scout .350 Legend  (This one is VERY nice…)

Decatur Jun.: PSA Dagger 9mm + 10 mags.

Charleston Apr.: Tri-Star 20ga

Charleston May: 1000 rds .223

Sangamon April: Taurus Model 856 .38Spl

Sangamon May: 1000 rounds .223

4 thoughts on “TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE!”
  1. I have won the 50/50 raffle once or twice. Even won a pistol last year. Besides all the information and insite that is provided. Going to the meetings for some camaraderie with like minded individuals is great.

  2. How does one enter from home. I personally would like to visit meetings ,but unable due to working off shift. Thank you!

  3. Ya’all Don’t do this! Your entries dilute the chances when I get tickets at my local meeting.
    Okay, just don’t buy tickets for the Charleston meetings

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