Got a spare $100k that you don’t want to keep in the bank account to pay for a legal dream team in the aftermath of a deadly-force incident?  No problem.  You can afford the new Dodge Demon, the 1025 horsepower American muscle car.  We’re not sure what all of the options are, but one thing’s for certain: buy one and drive it in Chicago or similar jurisdiction and you’ll get a free bullseye on your back.

All the carjackers are gonna want to steal that from you to enhance their “street cred” among their social misfit peers.

Images via Dodge.

Yep, you thought Dodge Hellcats, Chargers and Challengers were ‘jacker bait?  You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!

From Car and Driver:

  • After months of hyping up its reveal, Dodge finally announced the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170.
  • The Demon 170 carries a starting price of $100,361 after destination fees and the federal gas-guzzler tax.
  • Dodge is only planning to make around 3000 Demon 170s between production starting in July, and the curtain closing on V-8 Hellcat engines in December.

It’s been roughly seven months since Dodge announced the first of the “Last Call” Chargers and Challengers, and the company finally revealed the seventh—along with its pricing. Dodge couldn’t help itself when deciding on pricing for the Demon, which carries a base price of $96,666 (get it?), before destination fees and the gas-guzzler tax are accounted for. Add $1595 for shipping, and the $2100 gas-guzzler tax brings the actual base price of the new Demon to $100,361.

If you recoiled at the thought of spending $100,000 on a Challenger, you probably aren’t alone, but the new Demon makes up for the high price with a four-figure horsepower rating and the necessary chops to go racing. Dodge did a lot of tinkering with the Hellcat during production, and accidentally blew up seven engines, according to CEO Tim Kuniskis. The work paid off, with the new Demon making 1025 horsepower and 945 pound-feet of torque in the correct setup. Freeing up the full capability of the Demon 170 requires a mixture of E85 flex fuel, but the Demon produces an impressive 900 horsepower and 810 pound-feet on standard pump gasoline.

5 thoughts on “BUY ONE, AFFIX BULLSEYE ON BACK: Dodge’s new ‘Demon’ 1025HP muscle car will be carjacker’s dream target”
  1. WOW, a “gear-head’s” factory dream car! Hell of an “investment” but would probably hold it’s value much better than Uncle Joe’s inflation-weary greenbacks! It would take a pretty large climate controlled safe though. From what I have read, it is not welcome at drag strips (not those in the elementary schools, the ones where fast cars race). JUSY WOW! Imagine if Highway Patrol had a few of these, but then, radios are faster if you have interceptors up the highway, I suppose.

  2. It will be worth a lot less after some ghetto thug wrecks it running from police.

  3. They should buy one as a bait car and drive it through Englewood. But first, install the flame-thrower anti-carjacking device made famous in South Africa. Just roast the jackets in flames and drive off. Word would get around real quick.

  4. Ghetto rat driving a fancy muscle car or premium SUV? It has been jacked and they are armed.

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