Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day will take place Wednesday, March 29th in Springfield. People should meet at the Prairie Capital Convention Center (BoS Building) around 11:00 to 11:30a.m. If previous years’ schedules hold, folks will march to the Capitol Complex around 1pm, but allow yourself ample opportunity to visit with friends and notables.

A couple of points this year. First, it might be a good idea for a few dozen people to visit the commons area at the Illinois Supreme Court building.  It’s right across 2nd Street from the Capitol complex.  Take a couple score of your best friends and wander over there.  

Just being seen there will send a message.

State Senator Chapin Rose (far right) with IGOLD participants a few years ago…

If a few hundred head over there and wade through the metal detectors and mill around the lobby, that will send a message.  Because clearly, in the coming weeks, the Illinois Supreme Court will be hearing at least one and possibly more lawsuits related to this new legislation banning guns, magazines, parts and so much more.

Secondly, we have some messages to deliver.  I know, the ISRA has post cards that have an innocuous message that 98% of legislators’ staffers dump into the trash at the end of the day.  Just keep it simple.

For the good guys: “Keep up the good work!”

For the squishes: “We’ll be watching you.”

And a warning for the lunatics: “Keep poking the bear and you’re going to have a lot less gun control in a couple of years than you have right now. We’ve seen you in court and your attorneys aren’t very impressive.”

9 thoughts on “REMINDER: IGOLD this coming Wednesday, March 29th in Springfield… be seen & heard!”
  1. I don’t think our path to victory lies in the General Assembly, to be frank. Democrats do not care about defending the Constitution or the rule of law, and Illinois Republicans are completely feckless. We have poured our support into this fight for years, and all we have to show for it is to be ruled from Chicago. Even our state courts are now tainted, where a sitting governor purchases supreme court judges like another box of donuts for his stinking corpulent body.

    Our path to victory lies in the Federal courts. Messages are fine, but our leaders have abandoned us. They pay lip service to us, but do nothing to help. I frankly have nothing but contempt for the legislature and the executive in this state.

    Save your money for the lawyers. They are our only hope to restore our 2A rights. The federal courts will have to give back what the state has taken from us.

    1. Agreed. Which makes me doubt the effectiveness of IGOLD.
      Now, I like Boch’s idea of visiting the IL Supreme Court building.

  2. The elections are rigged dumbasses
    The elections are rigged dumbasses
    The elections are rigged dumbasses
    fix the elections and fix the state

    1. The Dems do wholesale vote harvesting at massive apartment complexes while we plead for individuals to vote. Yeah, people south of I80 have only token representation.

  3. By the way, I recognize the speaker as Brandon Phelps. He has been gone a long time.

    And it is good to see Otis McDonald there. Damn shame he died.

  4. A showing is a showing, I hope IGOLD has a reasonable turnout. I wish I could afford to go but Biden-flation and limited income means many roads less traveled for this old cowboy. Bills are bills and must be paid on time which for me is right at the first of the month with much less “mad-money” available being unable to work for extra dinero.
    With the socialist-democRATS running the capital,
    I doubt that many of them will be available to try to talk to and their staff will be shredding the info-cards handed to them without blinking an eye.

  5. Please leave a calling card of some sort at D-Rep Bob Morgan’s office. His district around Highland Park and Deerfield does not have enough free thinkers to set him straight. Democrats still don’t understand how their insistence on “Gun Free Zones” attracts criminals and the whacko July 4th mass murderer. Good guys who could have stopped that threat are trivialized, mocked, and dismissed. Plus, Bob Morgan seems to love the attention he gets from Pritzker more than he listens to us.

  6. Sure , ok, go to Springfield. They don’t care. Voting is not going to work. State court is useless. Federal court might get us somewhere but that will not last much longer. Only one thing will work. If one person does it nothing will change. Even if 2 or 3 people do it nothing will change. If HUNDREDS of people did it things would change.

  7. I remember Todd Vandermyde up at the podium in 2013 (it might have been a different year, but I’m close) right after we were gifted concealed carry. His exact words aren’t important but what he said was true then and still is today when he said, “Now is not the time for complacency” I shall repeat “NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR COMPLACENCY”. Every IGOLD after that, Illinois supporters of the Second Amendment got more and more complacent, verified by dwindling attendance. Last year we didn’t have enough attendees to hold a decent Irish wake. When the doggone gun grabbers see a few hundred 2nd amendment supporters instead of thousands they get giddy and start passing out gun-grabbing laws by the barrel full. I see comments on here about, I have to take my cat to the vet, I have to trim the hibiscus, my in-laws might come over, IGOLD is an ineffective measure. If you don’t attend, it for damn sure isn’t effective. I maintain that when those legislators see your body in front of them they’ll believe that you are NOT COMPLACENT and you won’t put up with their BS.

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