There is an “Attention ISP Officers and Staff” letter making the rounds.  Postmarked in Champaign and mailed in January, but with a Chicago return address, the letter begins with “This is not a threat.”  But you can guess where it goes from there.  Reportedly the FBI is investigating this just within the last week or two.

Now, just the thought of the FBI investigating this leaves us with as many questions as answers.  Do they mean “investigate” like they investigated the NASCAR garage door pull or the supposedly classified documents dumped on the floor at Mar-a-Lago?  Is the FBI investigating this like they investigated Hillary’s email server or Hunter’s laptop, or Mark Houck?

Frankly, at first blush, we think the whole thing surely smells more like a false flag op than the real deal.  It’s too well written by someone (or someones) well educated in history, and who writes well.  It dances right up to the line of overt threats (and thus criminality), leaning over the line just as far as it can before pulling back only to do it again later.

And why is this just now floating to the surface.  I don’t think GSL received that letter.  Granted, mail has to pass through one or two hands before it makes it to me, I haven’t seen it.  This particular letter was mailed to one of our sister organizations.

Here’s the header…  …and the footer.

And the postmark…

We’re not going to publish it in its entirety because frankly, we think this may well be a desperate effort from the Bob Morgan faction of the General Assembly to paint the law-abiding gun owners as potential terrorists.

Make no mistake, a very intelligent person wrote this letter, not a knuckle-dragger.

The $1.98 question is “why?” 

Or put another way, “to what ends did they write this?”

4 thoughts on “FALSE FLAG? FBI investigating ‘Attention ISP Officers and Staff’ Letter making the rounds”
  1. FBI and ISP share a common purpose – provide political cover and do the wet-work for sleazy politicians who do FAR worse things than your average citizen. The chance that this isn’t a false flag is approx. equal to the chance that Raoul the Tool will be named next president of the NRA. At least they were smart enough not to send it on official ‘State of Illinois – Office of the Governor’ letterhead with a return address of the Governor’s office in Chicago.

    Always ask yourself who benefits most from the action taken.

    I would like to comment further, but having a dissenting opinion is no longer allowed in post-Republic Amerika.

  2. I looked for it online. Could not find anything. Anybody have a link. I would love to read the letter.

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