Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul firmly believes that the Macon County final judgement ruling the new Illinois Firearm Ban Act facially unconstitutional means little to nothing.  At an event in Chicago this past weekend, he was asked about it.

His response, after a giggle?  “It’s the law.”


We’ll leave out our throughs on his cock-sure condescension and hubris, other than to say we can’t wait to see that smug grin get wiped off his face from a state or federal court – and it can’t happen soon enough.

Meanwhile State Rep. Dan Caulkins, along with his attorney Jerry Stocks in Decatur are urging any consumers or businesses who face enforcement action of a law that’s been adjudicated unconstitutional from the Illinois State Police, their agents (such as Gun Dealer Licensing inspectors) or anyone else to contact attorneys.


10 thoughts on “KWAME GIGGLES: IL AG doubles down when asked if gun ban stands after court strikes it down: ‘It is the law.’”
  1. Where can you buy if you are listed in the Macon County lawsuit? I haven’t found any gun store willing to sell to listed members of that case .

    1. I haven’t found anyone locally, but any of these will sell to you on that TRO if you provide them the PDF and a copy of your DL / FOID for address verification.

      Big Daddy Unlimited
      Gun Mag Warehouse
      RTG Parts

      Haven’t found any others than that.

  2. Farm King was selling to everyone.
    There may be plenty more I’m not aware of.
    I think most are playing it safe though and waiting.
    Can’t blame them as I know IL would love to fine the heck out of them.

  3. Giggles the Klown is a drooling moron. This is what passes for a public servant these days. I loathe Democrats with every fiber of my being because of pieces of shit like this idiot. Its funny when you can screw the peasants out of their rights – just because you can. About as funny as an impacted wisdom tooth.

    I hope this Federal judge delivers a judicial beatdown the likes has rarely been seen. These Chicago scumbags are nothing but a waste of skin and oxygen. I want a divorce from Mogadishu on the Lake. So does everyone else south outside of Crook County.

  4. This is ridiculous. We need the Macon County Court to come out and clearly state what their unconstitutional ruling means. And for those of you up north, or those of you willing to make the drive, Gat Guns in East Dundee is observing Judge Forbes’ ruling and is selling previously banned items to all Illinois FOID card holders.

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