KWAME LOSES #1:  Effingham County

Yesterday, a judge in Effingham County heard arguments back and forth on whether or not to stay Tom DeVore’s Effingham County cases.  The judge ruled against the defendants – the State of Illinois – and said the case will move forward.  Oral arguments on objections will be heard on May 2, 2023.

DeVore’s subpeonas to the Illinois Sheriffs Association and Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police were quashed but the judge gave DeVore and opportunity to fix the errors they contained and refile them, so those organizations may not be off the hook just yet.

KWAME LOSES #2: McHenry County

If Effingham County was a loss for Kwame, the Northern District of Illinois Court was a certifiable judicial caning of Kwame the Magnificent.  Kwame requested to transfer the McHenry County case out of state court into federal court.

Then, in a stunt NOT well received, Kwame asked the federal court judge to move for a judgement based upon the pleading based on a LACK OF STANDING.  The judge flat out asks them why they took it to federal court if they thought the fed court lacked standing.  He ordered Kwame’s counsel to APPEAR IN PERSON at a April 3 hearing.  The judge also talked about sanctions, etc.  Judge Johnston is not amused by Kwame playing games and it’s going to be a priceless event.  Hopefully (and I’ll admit I’m not fluent in federal court procedures) it will be streamed live online (at least the audio).  This one will be one you’ll want to hear.

Read this.  It’s brutal.

Sorry for not bringing these up sooner.  Kiddo brought something home from daycare and I’m a little miserable.

4 thoughts on “KWAME SPANKED TWICE: Kwame loses effort to stay DeVore’s Effingham cases, Kwame gets teeth kicked in by federal judge!”
  1. Sounds like Kwame da-fool squirming around playing wack-a-mole with the court, bet the judge doesn’t care for his blankity-blank games! I hope he is irritating the judge, better for our Constitutional arguement.

  2. I have decided after reading this, that Kwame the Klown is in so far over his head, sunlight doesn’t penetrate to his depth. I had convinced myself that this dumb act was just that – an act – and that Raoul the Tool was simply sandbagging our side.

    I was wrong. This pathetic excuse for a lawyer might be the dumbest AG to ever hold this office in Illinois. This isn’t a grand strategy. He is trying to buffalo his way through the court system with this nonsense. His response to McGlynn wasn’t calculated – it was complete babbling nonsense. It’s no wonder Pritzker had to buy a couple of judges on the ISC; this AG isn’t up to the task. I wouldn’t let this putz argue a traffic ticket – you would end up in prison for life with this moron defending you.

    While good for our side on this particular issue, the people of Illinois deserve better than a diversity hire.

  3. It stands to reason. That a supposed lawyer who cajoles. Rather than actually arguing a case. Is not well received by a judge. Who is exhibiting actual jurisprudence. Kwame the clown is a good moniker.

  4. The best part of Kwame ran down his mama’s crack and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress. Speaking of, isn’t he the guy who named his son “Che?”

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